Thursday, 30 April 2009


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Stockwell Toilet Watch (STW) posted a "comment" (see below) on the "WE LOVE LARKHALL" local LABOUR PARTY BLOG which had featured (as above) a clownish post about the new LAMBETH COUNCIL "MAYOR" who constituancy-wise more specifically represents CLAPHAM.
Subject to local Labour Party moderator approval will our "Comment" ever see the light of day?
"We've got no public toilets at all in central Stockwell instead we get clownish mug shots like this. Tip the Mayor off that the signage for the Community Toilet Scheme is mis-dislayed at the mis-called REVOLUTION BAR in Clapham High Street (so that it's barely visible). I have raised the matter a couple of times via the Secretary of the Stockwell Labour Party (Alex B) but nothing has happened - so maybe the Mayor can put on his robes and get down there. And while he's about it what about the electronic pop-up pissoirs (that were promoted as "space age" in LAMBETH Life) but which are still not functioning. So the message is - cut the smug Mayoral mug shots and let's have some very basic and greatly needed improvements. Of course there are no votes in public loos – that’s why in contrast half a million quid has just got shafted to the Stockwell Portuguese Community by Steve Reed so-called leader of Lambeth Council. Have a nice day."
Having been decided upon in January 2008 the piddlin (ie. pathetic jesture) local LABOUR electronic pop-up pissoirs refered to in the above STW comment were reportedly supposed to come into operation last OCTOBER and of course they still aren't.

The lovely manor of CLAPHAM is especially notable because it has several public toilet facilities from yester-year which are still in-situ having now been locked barred and bolted for many years. Anyway dressing-up for a "beaming local clown-spot" sure won't address the problem.
Having no public toilets is an abuse and the Council who closed and destroyed them over these past 2 decades are the abusers.


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