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No there wasn't a great plot afoot, nor demonstrators doing devious deceptive dirty tricks with paint - it was real blood, fancy that. And the "paint deceit" cover-up allegation had originated with the police. It seems odd nowadays for The Sun to be open minded but it happended that that was how the cookie crumbled at the above juncture in 1968/69.
Media distortions in relation to late 'Sixties public protest were grotesque and the police went in for continued wholesale fabrications - indeed so controversially so that yet another Penguin Special (1970) saw the light of day. We have already featured Mary Grigg's earlier 'Sixties Penguin Special HAROLD CHALLENOR gross police corruption volume in our previous blogspot.
Cashinella and Borrell in THE TIMES had a propaganda and exageration field day in THE TIMES with scare stories about plots and extremist militants. The cuttings above tell their own unforgettable story. The exageration and downright deceits were not solely down to the tabloids oh no - the police were well able (then as now) to fix things with the so-called "quality press" too.
Indeed in August 1975 when East End "GEORGE DAVIS IS INNOCENT OK!" campaigners in the dead of night non-violently sabotaged the Headingley Test Cricket Pitch wicket it was The Times 1968/9 hack Borrell who wrote that the Davis activists should be very brutally bombarded for a whole day with cricket balls.


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