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Welcome to "VANILLA POLICING" - part 2. For part 1 click > here <.
Of course not all cops behave the way the G20 cowardly cop thug did who battoned and crashed IAN TOMLINSON to the ground just as they don't all occasionally get into streams of bananas behind the scenes four letter expletives even tho' they may also be part time lay preachers - as recalled re GREENWICH R DIVISION in VANILLA POLICING - part 1.
However policing has certainly had its unsavoury moments. Indeed DENNIS NILSON the serial killer convicted back in 1983 had served as a police officer > here <>
Of course the mid 'Sixties escapades involving London West End Division Police Detective Sergeant HAROLD CHALLENOR came to a head because he tried one time too many to fit up activists participating in a 1963 central London demo - he'd already been fitting people for years but came unstuck. Not as unstuck as he should have come by a long chalk because he never did time, never faced the music in court but was declared bonkers and required to leave the 'Met. His fellow officers must have well knew his methods but he was in the traditional "thief catcher" mould and so on and on he was allowed to sail.
MARY GRIGG'S mid Sixties Penguin Special paperback was something rather famous in its time. A relatively youngish tho' adult lady activist with whom I spoke on todays BETHNAL GREEN POLICE STATION to the BANK of ENGLAND memorial march for IAN TOMLINSON had never heard of CHALLENOR and so certainly not of his own book "TANKY CHALLENOR - SAS and the Met" (1990). I noticed that Challenor seemed not to get a single blogspot mention anywhere during my IAN TOMLINSON surfing during the past week.
Having had 25 years or so to reflect on his doings and re-represent them for public consumption in 1990 Challenor proves to be rather fascinating on the shortcomings of the Met' and those against whom he operated for not having complained enough about him and he tells it in an extremely unvarnished way - indeed in an absolutely astonishing way. For your enlightenment on this you are referred to the precise excerpt from his TANKY epic at page 154 (reproduced above).
VANILLA POLICING. Ah beam me up scottie.


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