Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Of course with major stake-holder local STOCKWELL organisations of world renown like Labour's STAND UP FOR STINKWELL, and "we'll talk you'll listen" HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES and of course STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP it's hardly surprising that STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH should have scooped this WORLD EXCLUSIVE ultra air travel USA anti terror initiative. Indeed although sadly no longer with the PARTNERSHIP initiative the word on STOCKWELL PARK CRESENT is that it was GEORGE WRIGHT who'd invented air travel. There was also a rumoured PARTNERSHIP plan only just a few years back as it happens (altho' short lived unfortunately) to close and redevelope part of Bedford Road as CLAPHAM NORTH AIRPORT. Anyway at such pressing dangerous times as the present we have dallied long enough on these relative incidentals.
USA FULL-ENDOSCOPIE RIGHT-ON WOWEE AIRLINES will be operating pretty well from immediate effect from all major airports - including of course those in the Netherlands. The airline is confident that no would be terrorist will circumnavigate its security measures so as to defeat its anti terror asperatiion.
All passengers will be obliged to enjoy the benefits of a full airport endoscopie before embarkation and take off. However there will be the possibility for those able to pay a modest supplementary fee to have a "priority" endoscopie examination. So confident are USA FULL-ENDOSCOPIE AIRLINES of their new security procedures that potential passengers are to be permitted to eat drink and be extremely merry up to 30 minutes prior to undergoing the procedure. However so as to safeguard the integrity of their Endoscopie systems no passengers will be permitted to remove their blindfolds or use a moblie phone while being subjected to the procedure.


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