Friday, 23 April 2010


Not nice having identify SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE as a total EVENING STANDARD "MASTURBATOR" but it is feared that if one does not one will limit MASTURBATOR SHAKESPEARE's "civil libertarian" full entitlement and heaven forbid that he should suffer that assault on his hard earned freedoms. I mean he writes (repro' above) in the context of women oppressed by wearing a burkha - which he supports - "shouldn't a woman have a right to be oppressed?." And deary me not to allow that oppression would be too anti libertarian for masturbator Sebastian. What an utter dick head he is. The London Evening Standard must have searched long and hard for a "middle muscle" talent like him. Get the masturbator's garbage vibe - let's allow deeply anti libertarian elements to practice deeply anti libertarian behaviours otherwise we'll all end up deeply oppressed.

Far far better to spare a thought for all those who during the past 200 years fought and suffered deeply to establish secular space and freedoms in the face of religious bigotry and oppression.


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