Sunday, 30 May 2010


Well courtesy of The Guardian we've a modest useable "cheesy
Reed" bum wipe newsprint item - that is "useable" if we actually had
any STOCKWELL local public toilets. Alas we don't and there is no
sign that anyone in Lambeth Council could care less - Stockwell
Ward's 3 local Councillors (so-called) included. Hyde
Southbank Homes aren't lifting a single finger either - after
all (in the jargon) they are only a "major local stake-holder".
These days The Guardian is censoring quite a lot of "Comment"
by its readers. The above item heavily suffered the same fate.
To make the censorship less obvious Comments are also being
craftily censored so that there is no acknowledgement that a
censored Comment was ever made.
Well only last week The Guardian had a feature item expressing
sorrow for the Dutchess of York who'd sadly been caught bang
to rights chasing a half a million quid back hander. Ah poor
Fergie = how the heart bleeds for her. Comments to this Guardian
feature too were (as above) also covertly censored. Maybe it was
weepy Fergie who "introduced" rear end wipe REED to The
Guardian! I don't think in his case 500 grand would have
greased her palm. Oh no.
There is no love lost between The Guardian and the News
of the World. The Guardian, not without good cause has
been taking the NotW to task over phone tapping -
absolutely no problem with The Guardian agenda there.
The Dutchess backhander story was a NotW scoop and it just
could be that the Guardian pro Duchess report was partly
motivated by Guardian residual needle that its arch enemy the
NotW had scooped the story. Along these lines a modest measured
Comment posted in response to The Guardian "pro Dutchess"
report never saw the light of day, was never acknowledged
as deleted but was simply vanished by The Guardian
"Comments" moderator. This blogger knows this because he
made just such a passing comment.


At 30 May 2010 at 13:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Reed what an absolute creeep. Urrgghhh....


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