Saturday, 24 July 2010


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See last paragraph below for the "lowdown" on these old newsclips.

A few pics of those who turned out at very short notice on a working day at Scotland Yard to receive the bowell turning news that not a single cop is being charged in connection with the murderous police attacks made on totally innocent TOMLINSON in LONDON on 1st April 2009. It's early days in one sense - now that the decision has been announced the Tomlinson family and supporters no longer need to be respectfully brow beaten into relative silence - as they have been by pro-criminal justice system mouthpieces including cops of course in case justice system sensitivities are hurt etcetera.
Deary me a bent justice system with extremely sensitive feelings ah the poor thing. Ah bullshit reigns supreme - although it wasn't allowed to in the mid 1970's when cops and Courts endeavoured to fit up East Ender George Davis and eventually he had to be suddenly freed by Royal Prerogative only 2 years into an original 20 year prison sentence. Time to fight back with more vigour and cut the pro establishment conformist bullshit.
It's reminded me of the 1970's Scotland Yard Special Branch blacklist of solicitors which it used to put off its own mouthpiece informers from using when they got in the brown stuff - ah THE STRANGE CASE OF KENNETH LENNON eh??? Anybody still remember that excremental Scotland Yard Special Branch quagmire????



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