Tuesday, 1 June 2010


CLICK on the above Council published item re public toilets dated 6th June to clarify details.
In our next blogspot we'll be featuring CLAPHAM HIGH STREET's disappeared twice a week only pop-up electronic pissoir. Hey ho it's gone already after just about 12 months in operation - it took about 18 months to install. It'd popped up for about 10 hours in total a week late at night - see here - to cater solely for men out on the weekend razzle in Clapham High Street and has now been disappeared. Anyway more in the next blogspot. Meanwhile LAMBETH LIAR the Lambeth Council bullshit broadsheet - dated 6 June - has grubbed through the letter box on this merry morn.
It has come as something of a shock to find LL actually publishing (as above) a letter about long term lack of public toilet provision - altho' not in Stockwell but in Norwood. LAMBETH LIAR has responded in print too. Of course the LL reply is dripping with unexplained half truths.
LAMBETH COUNCIL does not want to make proper adequate public toilet provision. That is its basic position although it's barely ever stated as such. Instead we have the usual cop-out bullshit about the COMMUNTIY TOILET SCHEME - this is the scheme that no one except this blogger had the honesty to request HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES to participate in, only to get the Hyde "two fingers" from JONATHAN RADCLIFFE it's official ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR senior offical - see blogspots here for full details. Our 3 local STOCKWELL WARD COUNCILLORS - altho' now on HYDE's "BOARD" - wouldn't broach the subject with HYDE and instead just stayed totally tight lipped. So this BLOGGER did raise the matter. What utter crap Ward Councillors they (PETE BOWYER, ALEX BIGHAM and IMOGEN WALKER) are and they're now all set to do sod all for another 4 years or so. A close associate of theirs has confided that they've got their eyes set on Parliamentary careers and that Stockwell is well down on their real priority list.
This blogger has detailed - see here - an attempt made in January / February 2009 to enrol local central STOCKWELL businesses etc., in the COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME and it was an abject total failure - the shortcomings were detailed on this blog (open above link to scrutinise). Since that failure STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY has not raised a single finger to provide CENTRAL STOCKWELL public toilets in any shape or form whatsoever. Indeed as previously blogged local LABOUR have remained absolutely tight lipped on the topic and must have deliberately done so simply because it is a matter that they do not want to address. When the Community Toilet Scheme initiative fails in a particular area - as it has here in CENTRAL STOCKWELL - this COUNCIL and STOCKWELL's 3 WARD COUNCILLORS just stay off topic and totally unresponsive. And HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES in the jargon a major CENTRAL STOCKWELL "stake holder" also stays totally tight lipped too. HYDE pretends to be community sensitive and pro community provision but on this topic they have demonstrated 100 per cent that they have done and are are doing absolutely nothing at all. For HYDE to press publicly for local public toilet provision would put them at odds with their political local authority cronies and the latter do not want to publicly broach the topic and HYDE well knows it.
These factors give the lie to the above reproduced 6 June LAMBETH LIAR pro toilet provision response. The above LAMBETH LIAR response says that the Council will be reviewing the COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME situation in the Crystal Palace area and yet the scheme has been in place for 2 years and the toilets in question have been closed for years - so what has slowed down the CTS review process? Lack of toilet provision commitment - ie., the very same factor that closed the toilets initially - other factors were used simply as an excuse to close them.


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