Monday, 25 October 2010


One of the examples being publicised today re the
activities of the Huntingdon Animal Rights activists.
Its clear from some of the Animal Rights ephemera items currently being reproduced in the media in reporting the prision sentences dished out to the half dozen or so Animal Rights Anti Huntingdon Life Sciences campaigners that not all examples were intimidatory but were fair comment and ultimately aimed at individuals whose activities were an anathema to the activists concerned. Some of their communications were therefore well within what one should regard as reasonable Free Speech limits.
Sentencing Judge Cutler pontificated that Free Speech is allowed but blah blah blah ... the usual half truths. PEACE NEWS in its recent September edition briefly reported on the case of anti Afghan War Resister Corporal Joe Glenton who got 6 months imprisonment for attending and speaking at an anti war rally and who had refused to return to fight in Afghanistan. Glenton had told how he was not allowed to speak out against the war but that service personel who spoke out in favour of the war were left quite free to do so.
Its the same, to a degree, with this Toilet Watch blog in being outspoken re LAMBETH COUNCIL's now decades long negligence re local central Stockwell public toilet provision - in effect of course non provision. Local Stockwell Ward Councillors make the convenient accusation of abusive communications etc., when in fact what is done is quite fair comment at their blatant political shortcomings.

Councillor Imogen Walker actually a professional actress no less commented recently that she has felt insulted and thus has never ever responded - you would think the world of the theatre and film etcetera never features pointed political comment - Harold Pinter must being smirking in his grave or even reciting his angry bellicose four letter word anti war poems aimed at the criminal political warmongering antics of Bush, Blair and Berlusconi. Our Stockwell Ward Councillors need to get a life and grow up.


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