Sunday, 17 October 2010


----------------MICHAEL MANSFIELD Q.C.

Two absolutely welcome surprises when generally there is so much bad naff news. Mansfield was on "DESERT ISLAND DISCS". Week after week on this prog' the same boring end note - "okay so you're off to the Desert Island with your obligatory copies of The Bible and Shakespeare ...." blah blah blah. You just long for someone to say "hey hold on I'd prefer something else thank you very much" and Mansfield did it. He asked for "THE RIGHTS OF MAN" by THOMAS PAINE instead of The Bible. Kirsty Young lost it momentarily and muttered "okay but we're likely to get people writing in to complain" and so forth. Anyway a truly lovely alternative choice. Couldn't have been better.
Then on to YOU TUBE by way of simple coincidence perchance to see if there were any vid's of donkeys years hyper active London Solicitor GARETH PEIRCE. And wowee there she was. In its entirety the whole of her July 2010 BLOODY SUNDAY MEMORIAL LECTURE - "SET THE TRUTH FREE". This blogger was away in July and hadn't known that she'd given this lecture and its up there on YOUTUBE in its entirety. Her delivery is amazingly indeed exceptionally careful and considered of course, and as a result of her decades of ultra commitment she is extremely well informed. Thank you Gareth Peirce. She's changed since the mid Seventies - has got even wiser!
Two absolutely bloody lovely Sunday surprises. Don't worry too much Kirsty you'll survive. Imagine all those supermarket shoppers in long queues muttering to one another that "that Mansfield bloke only asked for Tom Paine on his Desert Island instead of The Bible ... oh dammit I've forgotten me PIN number now". Well for Kilroy it was 2 extra Bonus Cards and both on the same day too!


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