Sunday, 15 August 2010


We've had occasion to blogspot SAINSBURY'S NINE ELMS < before >.
Anyway a couple of Fridays ago two unrelated individuals who'd locked their bikes to Sainsbury's BIKE RACKS within the compound just outside the main shop entrance doors got a sequence of bad SAINSBURY's surprises. Both bikes were locked but thieves with bolt cutters showed up and within the space of a minute or two both locks were cut away and the bikes stollen.

Into the shop to report theft to the SECURITY monitor bod just inside the door. He had CCTV footage of both thefts and so advised that the police should be called. So he was asked politely if he'd oblige and call them. Oh no he would not it had to be those who'd suffered the loss. Why so? By way of further explanation he offered that as the theft occured "outside the shop" it had to be the victim call up the cops. He did concede that SAINSBURY's would make CCTV footage available to the police and indeed a few days later SAINSBURY's duly did so.

Anyway if you're laying outside the SAINSBURY's entrance door during opening hours perhaps after shopping inside SAINSBURY's and have had an axe embedded in your napper you will be expected to call the cops yourself because SAINSBURY's Security have had their hands tied - presumably though maybe not - by more senior management. Indeed you could interpret SAINSBURY's call the cops yourselves response as "get knotted".


At 14 September 2010 at 06:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, can you tell me more about the bike theft's you witnessed as I have had a bike stolen from this Sainsbury's and would like to know more about what happened. Cheers.
my e-mail address is

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