Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Altho' poor old PAINE is long dead he's not forgotten.
As celebrated < recently > on this blog his fantastic work "THE RIGHTS OF MAN" raised its head as the alternative choice by MICHAEL MANSFIELD Q.C. to being lumbered with THE BIBLE on DESERT ISLAND DISCS. "Ooooaarrr" went shocked Kirsty Young "okay but blimey we'll probably get letters of complaint". There's been no KIRSTY YOUNG obit so she must have survived.
Above is the front cover illustration used by this blogger for a Thomas Paine poem "SUPERGRASS" penned in Las Palmas back in March 2000. The poetic idea was that PAINE had grassed up "old corruption" good and proper back in the 18th century and supergrassing is supposed to be all the rage with the State and establishment - with cops especially and the judicial system. Instead to getting behind PAINE in those far off days they did the opposite and presecuted the hell out of him - indeed they organised violent anti-Paine demo's to try and discourage his supporters big time.
Anyway the spirit of PAINE again raised its head again tonight on Radio Four's MORAL MAZE when the topic for moralising about was protest - in the light of last week's student ANTI FEES demo when the Tory London Millbank H Q got a pasting of sorts - of course nothing like the pasting that Baghdad and IRAK got having been on the receiving end of BLAIR, BUSH and BERLUSCONI'S criminal illegal war. Not that any of the panel of the MORAL MAZE anti demo moralists tonight drew any such analogy.
The programme panel of course included the 1970's 80's Guardian hack who is now a leading DAILY MAIL hack - Melanie Phillips - she was somewhat knocked sideways when an invited witness BRENDAN O'NEILL said the right to demonstrate should be seen as part of the legacy so to speak of "REVOLUTIONARY DEMOCRAT" TOM PAINE.
Another non pro demo moraliser was the Evening Standard journo' ANNE McELVOY -she who recently wrote (10 Nov) a page of cods supporting GEORGE BUSH re WATERBOARDING (""Damn right"- Dubya reveals the hypocrit in us all").
Anyway it was again very very nice to hear the legacy of Tom Paine invoked by BRENDAN O'NEILL to support the right to fight back, challenging run of the mill convention, in the face of blatant abuses.


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