Saturday, 10 March 2012


You can clickety click to greatly increase image sizes altho' all the boys are keeping their nappers well down. Hackford Road School Female Mafia - parts 1 to 6 in descending order. A touch damaged by being rolled-up for the best part of century. My old mother is there in the top row Part 4 with a bow in her hair. Being a love child she was in the early years of what was to be a haunting life sentence for not having ever set eyes on her well-off well connected Jewish father. Can't imagine that any of these photographed hoodlums are now still with us - except of course in our thoughts. A few of them have clearly been creasing themselves ever since - you'd sure need a wry sense of humour to stay rolled up with it for all those years. What a life eh - no Tele, no Facebook and no Twitter. Mind you they went on to have Ration Books so musn't grumble. And of course there was Jones The Dairy and the Co-op. And the local Undertaker. And boozers were still in-situ too ... and then came the drug scene and now THE RUSSELL HOTEL alas is no more. Ah well ... smile please ... click click .... 'Course there were blades about in those days too but not in the possession of youthful schoolkids.


At 18 April 2012 at 13:26 , Blogger Martin Dixon said...

great photos - what year was they taken? - or is that mafia secret?

At 19 April 2012 at 02:46 , Blogger Ian Cameron aka KILROY WAS-A-HERO said...

It is a secret but I will tell you 'cos I got the tenner OK. In fact in those days there was a South Coast seaside resort called Tenner OK but you knew this I'm sure. My Ma was about 12 years old so woulda been made in the early Twenties - 1921/1922.


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