Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Harry Rowe's shop (1952) was the small shop 2nd along on the right.
Includes the sale of twelve (twelve!!) unidentified local Lambeth Councillors. Check those mugshots at the top to see if you recognise any of them. Will sell 2nd hand clobber - just like the old BRIXTON STATION ROAD did for decades altho nowadays 2nd hand clobber is no longer the fashionable sales jargon for the occasional Brixton Market Station Road Saturday event - indeed many modern day sellers - woops I mean "entrepreneurs" don't even know that the decades old 2nd hand STATION ROAD clobber market etc., had ever existed. They sure don't know of the long gone tho' once incredibly popular kerbside Ladies Stockings Jew boy auctioneer HARRY ROWE. Ah those were the days a few oldies still living might well say. Harry Rowe's small shop was the 2nd on the right as you entered Station Road from Brixton High Street. Many prole women were very skint and Rowe's prices were a godsend. He used to smack his raised thigh real hard and call out the knock down bargain prices.  


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