Saturday, 4 May 2013


We could kick-off on a mock sad note - local STOCKWELL CLAPHAM NORTH mouthy nit-wit LEE JASPER who laid on RIOT COPS big time to deal with MAY DAY demo's when he was LONDON MAYOR KEN LIVINGSTONE's well iffy side kick has lately been crying into his beer because of the demise of rat bag THATCHER - I kid you NOT, no way > CLICK HERE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT. So he could join in among the cop line-up to receive suitably impregnated local LOO WATER deposits - indeed so too could members ( "GOLD MEMBERS" included ) of the the  COMMUNITY POLICE CONSULTATIVE GROUP LAMBETH > CLICK HERE - who've now been largely inneffectual for well over 2 decades. It would be a shame not to celebrate their unending hopelessness.

Another cop celebrity who could join the cop line front line could be CRESSIDER DICK > CLICK HERE - she who led the armed to the teeth cop outfit who murdered JEAN CHARLES MENEZES at STOCKWELL TUBE STATION back in July 2005 > CLICK HERE - and then went off to the top of the Met.  'Course the OLD BILL said it was MENEZES own fault really 'cos he got off and on again the same bus at BRIXTON on the day he got murdered by them. Course they were thereby confused for ever and even amen.  Ex cop >  SIMON HARWOOD the murderer of >  IAN TOMLINSON.  Yep we could allow the organisers to smuggle him into the cop front line via the local LARKHALL LANE riot cops "holding centre". 

Of course occasions like the above would be extremely exhilarating and enjoyable to the lucky lobbing enthusiasts who would queue to participate. 

Anyway no reason why these "celebrate your local fuzz" occasions couldn't go on London wide. Why should ultra undemocratic China get all the festive perks.  It occurs that more than a few PRIMARK top bosses could also be included in the line-up but that'd maybe stretching the cop festival too far and PRIMARK activists could organise their own loo waste celebrations.  Maybe at MARBLE ARCH hardly a London location that hasn't seen historically earlier very dodgey celebrations.


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