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A number of manipulative local Stockwell and associated propagandists have launched another of their creepy initiatives. The ploy this time – unlike the attempt four or so years ago – is to re-christen the central Stockwell intersection as “STOCKWELL SQUARE”. The earlier failed attempt had been to tag it “STOCKWELL VILLAGE”. Stockwell Partnership on the earlier occasion were well involved - as they are currently too - CLICK HERE.  One significant difference being that >> GEORGE WRIGHT  << has moved on from the PARTNERSHIP to LAMBETH COUNCIL.  His move was after PARTNERSHIP FUNDING had taken a serious down turn and now he’s well involved with the Council Planning Dept. I wonder they haven’t dreamt up that VAN GOGH used to weep and wail for central Stockwell to be re designated and that the disappointment had caused him to have one of his lug holes hacked off.

‘Course the current STOCKWELL SQUARE re-labelling initiative is up for so called  “CONSULTATION”. Of course the Stockwell intersection is exactly that, an intersection, and not a square at all. Why worry about that tho’ – after all it wasn’t STOCKWELL VILLAGE either just a year or 4 ago and that didn’t inhibit the earlier failed propagandistic initiative.  Personally I would re-label the current propagandistic initiative JOSEPH GEOBELLS SQUARE.  JOSEPH GEOBELLS has a certain historical propagandistic reputation. At least SEFTON DELMER certainly thought so.

Local blog STOCKWELL NEWS – has given the the current STOCKWELL SQUARE propaganda initiative an uncritical big spread – >>  SEE HERE. << If you clock the primary image on the STOCKWELL NEWS BLOG and investigate the embedded links you’ll see the above BINFIELD ROAD STOCKWELL STATION intersection in a photograph dated 1957 – by then I was already living here on the STUDLEY ESTATE. I remember the location very well and the photo is interesting for a number of reasons. Indeed I'd known the intersection from around 1947.


Firstly you can see there the PUBLIC TOILETS for both MEN and WOMEN – which were closed down – not demolished just CLOSED to save money on the quiet and local folk could go hang etc. This tendency LONDON wide was well researched and reported back on in 2006 after a very substantial Greater London Authority investigation – >>  CLICK HERE << to access the GLA “AN URGENT NEED” REPORT.


Prior to the crass failed STOCKWELL VILLAGE relabelling initiative it was none other than GEORGE WRIGHT in the name of STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP who conveniently organized the demolition - and removal - of the Stockwell PUBLIC TOILETS. 

The current STOCKWELL SQUARE manipulative initiative propagandists are cannily asking folk if STOCKWELL lacks dignity – which they are obviously implying and kidding they will be seeking to overcome. Of course the 1957 stockwell intersection photograph does NOT show an undignified location. Not at all.  The current manipulative propagandists make the point that currently some 26,000 folk a day pass to and fro but despite that they clearly make absolutely no reference to the total lack of any local public toilet provision and show no sign whatsoever that that is a matter of any concern and certainly not a factor that actually offers a dignified environment.

Indeed the last time >> COUNCILLOR ALEX BIGHAM << put pen to paper so to speak to try and provide any CENTRAL STOCKWELL provision was in early 2009 – and since then absolutely total silence has reigned. And currently – don’t laugh – LAMBETH COUNCIL’s lead member for the ‘environment” which public toilet provision could be expected to incorporate is STOCKWELL COUNCILLOR >> IMOGEN WALKER << – and she has maintained total radio silence on the matter for much much longer than BIGHAM despite numerous well aimed reminders. 

In fact many “caught short” males are still peeing up against the railings at the end wall of BETTER BOOKIES at SURRIDGE COURT – and also at the rear of SURRIDGE COURT amid the trees actually on the STUDLEY ESTATE.  Not to mention on the actual MEMORIAL traffic island peeing against the deep shelter walling,  And as for the 3rd useless STOCKWELL WARD COUNCILLOR >> PEE BOWYER  << – and see >>  HERE <<  - is he still alive????

With the STOCKWELL NEWS BLOG document referred to above earlier you will of course see pretty pretty coloured ultra propagandistic tree lined drawn pictures – most of the trees shown are ALREADY there altho’ they do not actually in reality project so pretty pretty.


This STOCKWELL SQUARE so called STOCKWELL “dignification” initiative is just a pathetic propagandistic initiative between activist political back scratchers. IMOGEN WALKER will likely pretend to have an orgasm and so will one or two STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP coves. So too will one or two other locals who want to plop FARMERS MARKET stalls in BINFIELD ROAD at intervals – their SURRIDGE COURT initiative last year was a pretty total DAMP SQUIB.


And furthermore. Over the next 2 years or so traffic conditions in the Central Stockwell area - even without this current suggested and not needed naive initiative is set to worsen unpredictably.  Firstly, quite soon a LIDL supermarket is set to open very very close to the intersection and that will congest the traffic flow worse than at present.  Secondly in the current 2 years or so period SAINSBURY's STORE at NINE ELMS will also affect local traffic density due to long term closure and very major STORE reconstruction works. This latter work could have a negative influence on central STOCKWELL traffic conditions and the latest naive proposals re the STOCKWELL MEMORIAL traffic island roadside proposals would simply further adversely affect conditions.


The way the current plotters intend to re-jig BINFIELD ROAD it will become more dangerous - in particualr for motorists of all kinds but most especially Route 196 bus drivers. From the images embedded in the plotters info systems it is extremely likely that motorists seeking to enter BINFIELD ROAD from the intersection will NOT be able to make appropriate progress if they get stuck behind a parked up bus at the relocated centralised rejigged bus stop - that could leave motorists tailing back waiting across the intersection - shambolic plus and absolutely not necessary - and this is just to make pretty paved areas for trendy ocassional FARMERS MARKET stalls. This twity intiative will endager Bus Operaters and others.

Further embedded links for this blogspot will be added in the next week or so. Meanwhile if any reader cares a fig about the STOCKWELL INTERSECTION being buggered about with as per the current crop of dimwits are proposing it could prove helpful if they do something stop these nitwits.


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