Thursday, 4 April 2013


The current APRIL edition of the monthly freebee BRIXTON BUGLE newsblurb publication at page 7 has a really really nice heartening whole page feature with photo's etcetera about the extremely worthwhile COLDHARBOUR LANE "BOOKMONGERS BOOKSHOP".  Get up to Brixton to grab a copy.

Generally speaking this BUGLE feature is more worthwhile than numerous other BRIXTON BUGLE efforts tend to be. You can get a FREEBEE copy at  the RITZY CINEMA and other market area arcade drop-by spots.  Having lived in the BRIXTON area for over 70 years I can easily remember when the RITZY was the PAVILLION (where as a kid donkeys years ago I saw the film BAMBI). And when the BOOKMONGERS unit was very very different - not a bookshop at all but run by a grumpy old bearded bloke behind a brown painted counter who used to top up battery accumulators or somesuch.  Anyway BOOKMONGERS is a beaut bookshop and this BRIXTON BUGLE feature does it proud so grab a copy. Happy browsing. Enjoy. You also separately get a triple dosage of ultra slick Chuka Umunna but as already hinted thats on the BRIXTON BUGLE downside along with .... now socially controlled "WINDRUSH SQUARE" which alas has never been given its much more appropriate title "AIRBRUSHED SQUARE"
.... I suppose a third option would be "BULLSHIT SQUARE".


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