Monday, 25 February 2013



CLICK on the above 2 documents to enlarge and inspect - they were 
enclosed with JURY SERVICE initial summons as discussed below.

I will write something in due course putting into very political perspective some of the banal reactionary comments made in the past week about the shortcomings of jurors in a particular case that has been in the news big time. Barristers and even Judges are not immune from making crap commentaries and anyone who thinks they are not doesn't know their onions.

Anyway for today just a pretty short unforgettable experience when about 2 years ago I was officially summoned to begin the process for reporting for actual JURY SERVICE. I received a large format biggish brown envelope and inside were various items of preliminary documentation - one very specifically inviting me to get back in touch with my various I.D. proofs etcetera. The enclosures made in clear that I would suffer serious legal penalties if I refused to comply.  I did comply - and it very soon materialized that I was too old to do JURY SERVICE. 

However something very curious was also among the initial documents which caused me make a 2nd very specific enquiry. A document had advised that if I did not understand - read or whatever - the English language I was to get in touch for translated documentation from among a whole heap of listed languages- see images reproduced above. There was a phone number given so I rang it and the response from the other end was that they had no idea why such advice had ever been enclosed....period! I made this particular enquiry because it was obvious that if someone was totally without the English language how on earth could they perform JURY SERVICE.  

In due course - soonish - a response to certain of the 
arrogant crap anti jury comments of last week. 


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