Saturday, 2 February 2013


See at base for 2 further provisional Artworks of the finished 

A hefty tranche of NEW COVENT MARKET is in line to get the chop. Eat in one of the Market nosheries and staff there will confirm that they have been "put on notice" as it were.

It'll make way for the NINE ELMS LANE GOLF COURSE. Of course following the recent tragic NINE ELMS LANE events there is likely to be a little delay due to re-evaluation of the proposed VAUXHALL HELIPORT BASE  which is also to be an integral part of the GOLF COURSE.

There will also be a currently fashionable GOLF COURSE POLICE DESK where the well offs can report any matter whatsoever that is giving them sleepless nights and possibly undermining their golfing prowess.

These incredibly interesting and heartening local upper-crust initiatives aren't likely to be fully realised for a year or five but no fear because they should be up and running well before HS2.

BATTERSEA DOGS AND CATS HOME which unfortunately is on the NINE ELMS LANE periphery of these momentous developments is deeply involved in this initiative which will seek to quieten down its dogs and cats as the noise levels if left as at present could have a negative impact on top notch estate agent "affordable homes" profit levels. And most especially those of the BERKELEY GROUP.

This all comes at quite a high time for BATTERSEA DOGS AND CATS HOME as they are still celebrating the post-Christmas New Year mid January presentation of a GUN DOG to antiquarian QUEEN ELIZABETH. Not that the DOGS HOME presented the GUN DOG but news travels fast in the canine world. ‘Course antiquarian ELIZABETH cant have that many more GUN DOG presentations to go. A heap of hunters gathered on her SANDRINGHAM ESTATE and when she bowled along they gift aided her a GUN DOG.

Because the HEYTHROP HUNT was successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA the above GUN DOG presentation has become something of an in-crowd consolation event. Mind you the editors of the weekly TOP SHELF porno mag SHOOTING TIMES are still suffering very severe diarrhea indeed because of the HEYTHROP stick-up. Their condition is likely to last for some time – so much so that wherever there are hunters stalking around the need for PUBLIC TOILETS has become extremely urgent. Indeed among the gung-ho fraternity the SHOOTING TIMES is jokingly referred to as the SHITTING TIMES. Indeed on occasion its pages – including letters and certainly editorials - get well and truly plastered.
CLICK HERE for previous SHITTING TIMES groupie insights.

Presumably the hyper pointed "item" above is the
current ST GEORGES WHARF monstrosity.


At 3 February 2013 at 12:02 , Blogger Martin Dixon said...

excellent - I shall get the boy trained up as a caddy.


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