Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Local MP KATE HOEY acted promptly on the information forwarded to her about the "proposed removal" of the kerbside school protective railings. By then I’d additionally advised her that the idiots proposing these removals were also intending to remove the railings at the immediately adjacent "nearby pedestrian crossing". Utterly moronic removals given that the intended removal of these school railings ware successfully challenged just a few months ago in September 2012. Anyway TRANSPORT FOR LONDON has oversight on such removals – although they do not actually carry them out – oh no its a shower of "brown stuff" nick-named RINGWAY JACOBS. Anyway HOEY made her/ our concerns pretty promptly known to TRANSPORT FOR LONDON and back came a "surprising" very prompt reply (17 January) that the railings will definitely NOT be getting removed – absolutely no way! And that for the NOTICES to have been posted was mistake that will not happen again.

This is one of the current removal op' notices starring RINGWAY JACOBS etc 

The above referred to TFL response is described as ”SURPRISING” because you wonder how on earth did "brown stuff" RINGWAY JACOBS operatives get to make their STOCKWELL PRIMARY SCHOOL re-visit and then re-attempt a brown stuff craftily discriminating attempt. to remove these primary school children protective railings. This RINGWAY JACOBS outfit clearly knew about the previous September’s decision to keep the protective railings in-situ and so you do wonder whether they’re into some kinda nod nod wink wink scrap metal initiative. And furthermore - are the scrap metal removals fully audited -  and accounted for? I mean are they "FULLY AUDITED" and "ACCOUNTED FOR".

I mean is every scrap that gets removed fully audited. 
Scrap metal returns in these highly straightened times 
might be an EARNER. Might be.   

These railings are for the protection of 
very young primary school children.
How on earth are such railings 
buggering local transport flow!        


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