Saturday, 23 February 2013


To be absolutely honest I couldn't quite believe it. This TEA MOBILE travelled entirely of its own volition and landed precisely as shown in the two miracle photos. Admittedly a humanoid had slightly tho' not unkindly mishandled this everyday almost mundane event and this was how FATE paid the miscreant back.

Had the humanoid actually INTENDED to organize just such a landing they would not have had much luck - only FATE has the handle on a show stopping event like this. Unbelievers out there are invited to stand at their elegant draining boards - maybe aboard a sturdy chair or sat up on their partners shoulders to see how long it takes to get a TEA MOBILE landing like this. Better SIGN ON before you get started cos a successful landing might take quite some time. I can imagine WILL SELF atop wifey DEB'S shoulders dropping TEA BAGS one at a time for hours on end - or rather hoping for an on end landing like image below. DEB's wouldn't have to waste her day she could be scribbling about the Banking crisis and how to sort it.

Its taken a life time in this case and a tea total life too so TEA has been incredibly popular. 'Course unkind folk are likely to spread scandalous lies to undermine the importance of this incredible STOCKWELL event. I can hear anti BRAGANZA zealots whispering from their so-called LITTLE PORTUGAL rooftops that the above tea had contained TRACES OF HORSE MANURE.  It did not. This blogger has tried PORTUGUESE manure flavoured cuppa's and the one shown in the above foto contained absolutely NO MANURE whatever.      


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