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Today's MAIL ON SUNDAY has a feature article - HERE - about policing and the media cobbled together by ex top cop cop-out artist BRIAN PADDICK. 'Course PADDICK is easily remembered here in South London given that he was a very senior LAMBETH fuzz bonce hereabouts and not that long ago. Indeed you could say that too about "Nicholas Long" given that NICHOLAS LONG - another useless wobbly is now based inside the IPCC. He too used to be well known at the LAMBETH COMMUNITY POLICE CONSULTATIVE GROUP.  The rum thing right now is that NICHOLAS LONG is upsetting PADDICK because it is he LONG as a senior IPCC face who is currently instigating the arrest of cops and others for flogging news nuggets to the media for financial back handers. And so poor PADDICK is well sickened.

You'd think that coppering and media manipulation etcetra was something relatively recently discovered. It absolutely isn't.  This blogger wrote, researched and published findings about the phenomena almost 40 years ago back in early 1974 .... and thereby got invitations from various University Prof's to give talks on the topic - including invitations from time to time from Prof STANLEY COHEN the noted sociologist who sadly died only pretty recently.

In 1974 this blogger had published in the weekly publication PEACE NEWS a 2 page fully detailed "WAR AGAINST CRIME" media investigation. This feature very very especially detailed researched findings in relation to police-media relations.  A lot of anecdote and narrative was included and perhaps one of the most astonishing passing anecdotes had concerned SCOTLAND YARD media manipulations during the Second World War period. In the war period there were German spies operating in the UK and some were in fact working for the UK and so were in fact "double agents" and not actually pro GERMAN spies at all. In order that such double agents were able to keep kidding the Germans that they were active trustworthy pro German spies they had to carry out certain "tasks" which the GERMAN state wanted them to do so as to undermine UK moral. One such activity, it so transpired, was to carry sabotage and bombing actions here in the UK.

These sabotage actions did get carried out but not by the GERMAN DOUBLE AGENTS - they were carried out in secret by SCOTLAND YARD operatives and top Yard officers then had to make sure that the media reported the sabotage attacks - and they did so. Indeed the police actually wrote the actual media reports and these reports were passed on to chosen journalists who were regarded as reliable by the Yard. The reports were were published and media outlets simply believed that the acts of sabotage had been carried out by UK based wartime GERMAN spies. So media police relations have a very very murky history well established long before LEVESON. And codswallop ex cops like PADDICK - not withstanding his ex seniority- will not pass on this kinda background - not even to MAIL ON SUNDAY readers in 2013.

For information on war time covert SCOTLAND YARD double agent activities see J. C. MASTERMAN's 'THE DOUBLE CROSS SYSTEM 1939 - 1945" and for a SCOTLAND YARD carried out war time actual covert EAST ANGLIAN bomb attack reported instead as a UK GERMAN SPY ATTACK see the EVENING STANDARD for 17 AUGUST 1943.

PEACE NEWS scrutinizes mid Seventies crime reporting entertainments - a peep back.  
Over time planned tactical media reporting actually got a
murder suspect to kill himself -
so it was claimed above by very chuffed senior police.  
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