Thursday, 15 March 2007

LEANT - but NOT over backwards - Oh and my hubby is totally innocent OK

Cherie babe and Zacharias "caught short".


At 18 March 2007 at 17:39 , Anonymous VINCENT WAS VAN GOGH said...

Dear Sir,
I'm surprised that no one has yet posted a comment to support your dismay for this pandemic lack of public toilets in London.
I wish to offer my unreserved sympathy for your plight, because I have also had to endure the embarrassment of urinating on the streets while being offended at the scene of others doing it along pub walls.
I've made it an habit to buy a drink where I can use a toilet.
If I wanted to drink some water while walking around at my leisure, I wouldn't have much choice of going anywhere I wanted to in case I felt the need to urinate at some point.
Therefore, it is very difficult to make healthy living choices with the result that we have become a generation of drunk or hyped up individuals.
I think that if Government made policies built around people's needs rather than numerical targets for the sake of economics alone then people wouldn't be confined to predetermined choices dictated by post cold war theories.
There's a theory based around numbers which claims that economics and not politics is the driving force that affects people's choices.
However, the counter claim is that people are not only motivated by self interest. There is also a part to be played by ideology.
In fact, people do not behave in ways that can be predicted by mathematical operations based on limited assumptions. Only unscrupleless people in positions of power and psycopaths are rational in their scheming.
The congestion charge only shifts the smog ( if it does ) or the problem of 'congestion' from one point to another, but it doesn't clean up the air where we live.
If there aren't any public toilets, I wonder what stops the Councils from providing them.
In Leicester Square there's a handy public toilet with cctv and police patrols.
Would Stockwell be able to afford itself that level of service because of the times we live in?
How would you propose a solution?
I love Sicily, because I have had the rare privilege to drink pure fresh water from ancient fountains high up on the solitary airy hills without moaning for that sense of dignity, privacy and freedom which comes at a heavy price in this city. Kind regards


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