Monday, 9 April 2007


"MID-NIGHT RUN-OFF" event Easter Monday. Runner number one - youngish adult black male runs like crazy from Clapham Road Surridge Court to Stockwell Underground Station really screaming “help me … help me … please help me” and throws himself on the ground near the Station outside COSTCUTTERS wall still screaming and begging for help.

Kilroy has emerged from the shop with his milk for the morning where there are also stood about a dozen orange-coloured overall clad London Underground night time maintainance workers waiting to go on duty. Man One has been pursued by Man Two also a youngish adult black man, and he is the man whom Man One is obviously terrified of very badly losing out to. Man One has thrown himself in the middle of the maintainance workers and with his gesturing arms and voice is begging and imploring them “help me … please...please help me”. This has been a very fast moving event.

They don’t help, they are gob-smacked and cautiously move away wondering what’s afoot because Man Two has arrived and up close he remonstrates in a puzzled way with Man One saying “what’s up? what’s up with you? Unimpressed Man One begs that he is “sorry… sorry .. don’t hurt me" for something or other as yet unexplained. There are incoherate references by Man One to events that have to do with his own brother.

Within a minute cops are there and they move in – they protect Man One slowly ushering him back towards Surridge Court to get his explanation. Man Two has been joined by youngish adult black male Man Three and separately they too move together slowly back to the Surridge Court vicinity and en route are joined by adult youngish black male Man Four.

No guns or knives on show. Black on Black. Again no clear event winner. Quite a few losers. And no public toilets either. Thus another STOCKWELL EASTER OLYMPICS event runs its course. To be continued???


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