Monday, 9 April 2007


On Easter Sunday afternoon Kilroy and a pal were sat 100 yards or so from Clapham Road "Dunkers Alley" (see previous posts) at the Black Rose Cafe supping tea and coffee. "Er no thanks" said we to the young hood (meaning shadey not sartorial) who suddenly siddled alongside to sneakily put on offer a stolen mobile phone. We supped on. The surprise surprise Eastertime "KNIVES OLYMPICS" were yet to come and "hood" would show again.

On 5 April (Easter Good-Friday-night-eve) police officers from "black-on-black" gun crime "OPERATION TRIDENT" leafletted homes on the Studley Estate - in connection with an 11pm shooting incident the night before hard by Stockwell Station. (Where the old public toilets had existed for very many decades - until shut in 1988 by LAMBETH COUNCIL and finally demolished with the help of STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP (see recent and earlier posts). Over the same St Valentines Day weekend when 15 year old BILLY COX was shot dead at nearby CLAPHAM NORTH there was a 2nd local shooting incident. It happned at Stockwell by the Clapham Road bus stop, children's amusement playground and Stockwell Post Office. The police "witness notice board" for this latter incident had been removed by this Easter weekend "STOCKWELL KNIVES OLYMPICS".

Fast forward to Easter Sunday night. At 10pm Kilroy exits Stockwell Studley Estate passing the Nile Cafe and launderette. Some 50 yards from where the St Valentines Day weekend shooting incident had occured the EASTER "STOCKWELL KNIVES OLYMPICS" are in full flood - immediately across the Clapham Road. Initially the main event is taking place in a north > south direction (between the news agents shop and the corner of Lingham Street taking in the frontage of what used to be THE OAK pub now re-named after having undergone a make-over).

There were 2 main contenders - one, not suprisingly was well out in front because he was being hotly pursued by a screaming threatening contestant armed with two very long flashing blades - one in each hand. Other contestants were moving in quick and altering the course of events. Contestant "2 blades" retraced to the newsagents doorway and stood for a shortish period bawling and threatening whoever was inside, with both air jabbing blades held aloft, before decamping past William Hills Bookmakers and disappearing, being pursued by several other re-grouped contestants, into the housing estate precincts. This was not an exclusively black on black "event". It now included the (shadey not sartorial) hoodie stolen mobile phone seller who had appeared on the scene and had unhesitatingly joined in. Police had somehow been summoned. It is not known who if anybody won the event.

There is a dire shortage of public toilets in STOCKWELL but as yet no shortage of unsporting blades. In relation to both you have now been warned.


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