Friday, 16 March 2007

blog of note to Mrs Gareth Peirce, ex George Davis Campaigner, BIG H MacKenney Lawyer, currently still right in the thick of it Civil Rights Lawyer.

Hello Gareth I hope you are well – I know you are slogging your guts out trying to make a positive difference even in absolutely grot times like these. A few bits and bobs are enclosed. I’m still living in Stockwell @ .... SW4 6SA – hence my hassling about the continued closure/absence of local loo’s. The “boiled in oil with scabs” earlier blog post is kinda throwing back at the system lots of the current psy-war bullshit and strategic propaganda rhetoric. I always thought that cop “verbals” often started in the media long before any arrests ever got made – as you well know. And there still aint any tape-recorder "checks and balances" operating thereabouts and aren’t likely to be. Mind you its funny to see the establishment squirming and moaning over the media < > cops stand-off re Cash for Peerages. "BIG H" MacKenney (declared innocent a year or two back after 23 years in stir) must be strangling himself to death with laughter (“at local bus stops with his bare hands”). That is when he aint bent on strangling woman lawyers like yourself in the Renfrew Road cells!!! (Vintage police media verbals eh!!). I thought that CAMPACC December "RECLAIMING OUR RIGHTS" conference very worthwhile.


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