Friday, 25 January 2008


The recent publicity given by the SOUTH LONDON PRESS (22 January) to hassles between STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH and out-and-out-useless LAMBETH COUNCIL have led to the matter now being referred to SCOTLAND YARD.

A scurrilous allegation by KILROY that an item of door-to-door pre election vote seeking publicity some time during the past 20 years had actually contained a reference to the need for improved public toilet provision is hotly disputed by LIB DEM, OLD LABOUR and NEW LABOUR local political party actvists and organisers. Beneath the Binfield Road paved over area immediately adjacent to Stockwell Tube Station local CONSERVATIVES have remained stoney silent.

Stockwell Libs Dems who were in power in Stockwell for over a decade are absolutely adamant that they never ever highlighted public toilet provision. Indeed they are deeply offended even at the suggestion. And LABOUR scathingly commented "Oh sod off what do you (expletive deleted) take us for".

Anyway, the matter is now in hands of SCOTLAND YARD and is actually being overseen by SIR IAN BLAIR, so well known for the integrity with which he got behind those officers who "did the business" that led to the death of JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES.

It is anticipated that KILROY will either be cleared or charged with telling a wicked lies sometime within the next seventeen years. The IPCC declined to comment.


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