Sunday, 27 January 2008



Vampires suck pus on the D. H. S. S.
That’s his dream as the dirty legged
Man with no trousers on, huddle’s
Into the seat’n’buries his head.
As he goes round’n’round the Circle Line
wearing only a grubby
waist length Sheepskin coat –
no one will sit near him,
his section of the carriage is abandoned.

Vampires suck pus he mutters to Himself –
he’s the embryonic derelict
Waiting to be reborn as himself.
Once he hitch-hiked to Aldwych
’n’ended up in Ipswich.
The story of his life clutters
Round’n’round the Circle Line.

Where does the man with no trousers
Goin’ round’n’round the Circle Line
Go from here – there are no
Trouser shops on the Circle Line.
Perhaps a boy with balloons
May step on’n’he can escape
The Vampires suckin’ pus
‘n’float away.
Thank you STEVE MICALEF (1998) brilliant, one of my favourite survivors from the nineteen nineties old BRIXTON POETS days. We're very lucky indeed to have it 'cos BRIXTON POETS had an extremely rare open mic convention that anyone could read whatever they so chose but NOT the same poem twice. So for gems like this is was not good news but for lots of others it was good bye, amen and thank you very much. (er.. cough cough - it was the "cornerstone of our Brixton Poets Democracy"). KILROY joined the Bricko poets having opted for early retirement after about a decade with GREENWICH COUNCIL in its early 80's established COMMMUNITY AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT.

Getting out and into BRIXTON POETS was like a deep deep breath of fresh air. By then old-LABOUR London-wide were fast losing the bottle for continuing the struggle for fuller more democratic Metropolitan Police accountability. In fact GREENWICH soon after dropped into the STEPHEN LAWRENCE miasma. Didn't remotely surprise KILROY.

At this point in time why choose to waste a gem poem like this on linguistically straight laced up-tight cop out LAMBETH COUNCIL? Good question.

For a start it will take much much more than a boy with balloons to lift LAMBETHs grot CABINET out of the public toilets cess pit of its own making. For KILROY the poem currently conjures up the image of our LAMBETH PUBLIC TOILET COP OUTS travelling round and round on its own in-house CIRCLE LINE with pretty well almost nothing to show. This Monday's CABINET meeting looks set to demonstrate more of the same yet again. The community will be exposed to LAMBETH'S puss-sodden decision to make folk pay to use the POPES ROAD PUBLIC TOILETS. What'll be left of the rest of it will be pedestrian in the extreme. LAMBETH COUNCIL SURE SUCKS PUSS ALRIGHT – and with a vengeance. If this lot tried to hitch hike to ALDWYCH they'd end up not in IPSWICH but somewhere north of Aberdeen.


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