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click on image to ENHANCE and maybe freak HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES

2002 was quite a Hyde Southbank Homes Kilroy year. For months on end it became necessary to stimulate a fight-back campaign against Hyde to recover an £80 rent overpayment made to them which they were in denial of even though there were full receipts for payments, bank account statements, rent account statements etcetera. Hyde simply didn't want to make the repayment and its officials played stonewalling games for months on end. Faced with a tenant publicising around the estate what they were up to they quickly got into threats because they had an unruly fight back tenant. No matter that they well knew that it was their own operation that was basically – meaning fundamentally - at fault. The fight back tactics included throwing back at Hyde pointed re-jigs of their own regular BRIGHTER FUTURES and other propaganda items.

Then as now some – not all but someHyde brochures and/or other ephemera were sickeningly over the top. Anyway after months and months following repeated supportive pro refund interventions by Hoey and local Ward Councillors, by early 2003 the refund finally got made. To be clear HSH Sacha Jevans who as posted on this blog is currently on the Kilroy “MISSING PERSONS” list was NOT in 2002/3 on the HYDE plot in any shape or form what-so-ever.

The above poem was a NATIONAL POETRY DAY 2003 satirical campaigning item distributed to HYDE and locally around the central Stockwell area. HSH's director at that time was BRIGHTER FUTURES columnist AUSTEN REED. On Monday a series of cartoon satires that were also part of the RENT REFUND CAMPAIGN will be blogged. A point of principle is involved here and it is this – in the face of indifference or worse on the part of those in power is it not justified to campaign by using means additional to what might be described as conventional. This is what is at issue with the current STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH campaign. LAMBETH COUNCIL can absolutely stonewall or in contrast pump out absolutely oceans of its own manipulative arguably unbalanced and thereby in a sense abusive propaganda but it is KILROY who gets fingered as "the abuser" and gets shat on but not the Council.

After Hyde refunded Kilroy's monies in 2003 they accepted in writing that they'd behaved badly but said that they'd not awarded compensation because of derogatory comments made about Hyde officials – indeed they stated that it had been the campaigning that had prejudiced them against making a refund. Of course derogatory could also be used to describe the absolutely fraudulent attempts made by Hyde for months and months on end to deny an absolutely justified and provable refund. So when there are no local Stockwell Public Toilets for another 20 years it'll be because KILROY had prejudiced the Council and its minions against doing the necessary.

Tuesday - Michele Hanson's latest article on the need for FREE PUBLIC TOILETS.


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