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The London-wide Borough' COMMUNITY POLICE CONSULTATIVE GROUPS were established in the 'Eighties to achieve "police accountability" given that hitherto it had always been sorely lacking. Alas they have not proved especially successful. The LAMBETH GROUP hasn't broken the mould either tho' at times it has boasted otherwise. .
Over the past couple or three years or so the website of the LAMBETH GROUP which boasts that "MINUTES" of its MONTHLY MEETINGS are to be posted for public scrutiny has instead repeatedly demonstrated the very opposite, namely that they are extremely conspicuous by their "caught-short" absence - and not just for brief periods, but for months and months on end.
Witness the current situation > here < - there have been NO monthly Group "Minutes" whatever posted since July 2008. Maybe the "Minutes" - indeed maybe also the Group itself - have been "KETTLED" if not in quite G20 style. Indeed the cop on video shown as having in such a cowardly way to have savaged Ian Tomlinson before he died was actually deployed from STOCKWELL's Union Road "Territorial Support Group" base. All the more reason for ongoing and full GROUP scrutiny and accountability.
The "WE LOVE LARKHALL" local Labour Party blog unfavourably highlighted in the immediately previous STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH post has also very recently called upon local folk to attend LAMBETH POLICE CONSULTATIVE GROUP meetings. STW acknowledges that it is a bit much to expect local Ward Councillors (also including the 3 central Stockwell Ward Councillor "musketeers") to suss out that for months and months and months on end GROUP "Minutes" are NOT getting posted on to their CONSULTATIVE GROUP website. Heaven forbid, for if they were to notice that omission they might even notice that central STOCKWELL has NO PUBLIC TOILETS and SORELY NEEDS them too.
No, as sadly blogged by STW all too frequently Musketeer Pete Bowyer's favourite football team - MIDDLESBORO - the centre of his life on earth - are forever "playing away".
-----------------POST SCRIPT @ MAY 5TH.

This LCPCG "COMMENT" has now been forthcoming:

CPCG said...

"Thanks for pointing that out. There was an internal link problem on the site. You can find everything you want now. CPCG"
05 May 2009 09:13

STW comment - hmmmm... must be a recurring "linkage problem". Over the past year or so there have been repeated missing / unavailable "MINUTES".
After further covert investigation by SYNEY RUBBER HEELS & ASSOCIATES (Lee Jasper no relation) it seems not unlikely that this troublesome internal "link" that may not have actually existed was "kettled" extremely violently from behind by a Stockwell TSG officer who had also carefully forgotten to "link" his behaviour to his I.D.
Roll on Christmas! We'll see if any further "MINUTES" get TSG "kettled".


At 5 May 2009 at 09:13 , Anonymous CPCG said...

Thanks for pointing that out. There was an internal link problem on the site. You can find everything you want now.



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