Saturday, 9 May 2009


Tipped off that a STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY BLOGGER has disappeared and has still left no word on his BLOG that he is safe and well and that he has gone into hiding "of his own choice" LAMBETH SOCIAL SERVICES have been alerted to his disappearence.
Alarmingly "comments" and queries raised on his <STANDUPFORSTOCKWELL> blog relating to massive (tho' underpublicised) COUNCIL funding for the local PORTUGUESE COMMUNITY have gone unanswered. The worry is that BLOGGER BIGHAM has somehow been overcome and may be lying foresaken in the STOCKWELL scrublands. Altho foul play is not suspected in the absence of any proper local public toilet facility he could have climbed up on a local rooftop to relieve himself and fell into a crevice. Should any local resident sense a whiff of something seemingly "not quite right" (there would be a almighty stench) they are advised to notify SOCIAL SERVICES asap. Let the forlorn cry go out - BLOGGER BIGHAM WHERE ARE YOU?
A similar fate seems also to have fallen boastfully "well brought up, well educated wine loving" Larkhall Councillor Peter Robbins - he too has gone to ground, his <sad eyed blog> also lies neglected and thus it is that posted "comments" are left neglected in limbo pending his return. The Lambeth Community Police Consultative Group "Minutes" after eight months neglect have now been brought up to date but alas they also offer no information as to Councillor Robbins whereabouts - which is a great shame because he is a staunch supporter of their LCPCG meanderings. Boy the LCPCG can truly "meander".
There is a vague possiblity that during a training exercise for no good reason he has been dragged kicking and screaming into the (in the news) LARKHALL LANE POLICE TERRITORIAL SUPPORT GROUP base by a TSG hero who is as yet unidentifiable - we await further developments on this one which still has to be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
One could endeavour to contact local Labour Councillors AKHTAR, BOWYER or WALKER but they too have been missing for yonks.
Of course there must be the possibility that both Bigham and Robbins are still doing the London Marathon and will be back with us by mid May.


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