Friday, 15 January 2010


CLICK on above IMAGE to ENLARGE and easily read. The top right hand foto is interesting - those featured are doing sod all - just walking along. The best way to illustrate problems???? Or invite prejudicial support???
Two's company three's a crowd - time to slap and ASBO on these Labour 3 eh?
You couldn't make 'em up, posing as wanting to to crack down on ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR when they themselves and their Lambeth Labour buddies are anti-social and long term too!
Clock above their very latest letter-box blurb at para' 4 - "we will not tolerate anti social behaviour of any kind".
Piddling in the streets (or needs be even worse) is anti-social so there needs must be (but of course aren't) adequate proper toilet provision to eliminate such anti-social behaviour - which are ongoing in Central Stockwell 24/7 x 365 and have been going on for 22 years since a LAMBETH LABOUR COUNCIL closed down Central Stockwell's loo's that'd stood immediately next to STOCKWELL tube station for donkeys years.
Now we have the current "anti social" STOCKWELL WARD Labour Party three trying to weigh on as anti social behaviour eliminators. They're crass, they're fakes. They need dispersing pronto pronto.
They're notorious. Their local LABOUR blog STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL is flagged up on their blurb - they've already been asked on it to explain what they've attempted to do over the past year - see here - re Central Stockwell public toilet provision and, what they intend for the future. The enquiry has sat there now for 11 days with no reply. It is now almost 4 years since the need for local public toilet provision was flagged up with the publication of the London Mayor's office report "AN URGENT NEED" - an "URGENT" need - to scrutinise it click here.
Our three anti-social Stockwell Ward jokers are pathetic - they should dammed well put their own anti-social house in order before they start posing and pretending that they are beyond having any ASBO form themselves.


At 15 January 2010 at 11:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah don't be unkind to them, poor things. If you saw Blair and Campbell walking together laughing about what they've gotten away with surely you'd want them dispersed?


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