Tuesday, 5 January 2010


About a year ago the Secretary of Stockwell LABOUR PARTY and STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL blogger Alex Bigham wrote to numerous local central Stockwell businesses etc., to request that they'd hopefully consider their participation in the COUNCIL run COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME - "CTS".

None of the recipents took up the offer so central STOCKWELL remains bereft of any public toilet provision - it has now been so situated since LATE 1988 when a LABOUR COUNCIL closed down the useable toilets that then existed immediately adjacent to Stockwell Tube station in BinfIeld Road - the toilets were actually demolished by none other than the wheeler dealing very unwonderful STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP.

During the course of the year a number of suggestions were put to BLOGGER BIGHAM and his crew but they absolutely and totally failed to respond.

In view of the above Alex "LABOUR BLOGGER" Bigham has been requested - SEE HERE - to explain what he and his 3 co-Labourite Stockwell Ward Councillors (so-called) have done for the past year re CENTRAL STOCKWELL PUBLIC TOILET provision given the early 2009 knock-back and what they intend to do in the same regard in the period we are now entering.

Coming shortly to a shut down demolished local cinema near you Stockwell's not to be neglected LIB DEMS - hard hat ANTHONY BOTTRALL you too are well in the frame for a dose of the same.


At 6 January 2010 at 05:25 , Blogger Ian Cameron aka KILROY WAS-A-HERO said...

An email response to this blogspot sent to kilroy from STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP - it said >>>

"Thanks Ian.
Happy new year.

John McCay
Stockwell Partnership
020 7735 5051"

At 7 January 2010 at 02:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A series of email exchanges between local Stockwell Lib Dem “hard hat” Anthony Bottrall and Kilroy arising from Bottrall having viewed the blogspot are reproduced below.

Bottrall was obviously feeling rather fragile – one word from one of his emails has been deleted – viewers should bear in mind that Bottrall is well in the frame locally in the context of local Lib Dem political ephemera being distributed currently – he has not withdrawn from Lib Dem campaigning and there is an election campaign underway therefore all the more reason to put before local politico’s like Bottrall concerns that ought to be faced up to. Ditto Stockwell’s Labour Pary div’s.


Bottrall to Kilroy 6 Jan 2010. 12.41pm.

And a Happy New Year to you too, Ian.

Anthony Bottrall.


Kilroy to Bottrall 6 Jan 2010. 1.12pm.

It could be a happier new year if your L D’s made a pro central stockwell public toilet provision commitment – I seem to recall a springtime-ish moment earlier in 2009 when you went out of your way outside STOCKWELL RESOURCE AND COMMUNITY CENTRE to say that I’d made the point very well that there was a need for public loos hereabouts but so far I haven’t seen ANY commitment in L D ephemera backing that up.

Frankly I don’t yet feel confident that the cop-out local politico’s have truly changed their constipated spots.


Bottrall to Kilroy 6 Jan 2010. 1.23pm.

Let’s wait and see, shall we? And please stop being so bloody rude to me, will you? Our son has serious ……health problems and is in Lambeth Hospital at present, I am over 70 and formally retired and – for the time being, at least – am not in the mood to receive you ill tempered banter as tolerantly as I usually do. That isn’t to say that I disagree one iota with your view that Stockwell desperately needs some decent public toilet facilities.

I’ll wish you a happy new year again.

Anthony Bottrall.


Kilroy to Bottrall 6 January 2010. 1.38pm.

Excuse me but I consider this email accusing me of rudeness as cods – tell it to me when I’m having to crap locally because there are no bogs – and weren’t any for the 12 years you were local ward councilor – indeed bogs never got a mention – “let’s wait and see” – sounds about your measure – I’ve only been whacking on about it for about 5 years – let’s wait and see – you’ll have to do better. Don’t use your son against me he doesn’t deserve it. I’ll post these exchanges on the blog – they’ll illustrate the difficulties very well. People can be their own judges can’t they? I’m over 70 too – there you go.


Bottrall to Kilroy 6 January 2010. 1.51pm.

“We shall see” – and I’m just quoting you ….



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