Monday, 4 January 2010


... err don't laugh it's "YOUR SHOUT! at the LAMBETH COUNTRY SHOW!
Click on the above EMAIL repro IMAGE to ENLARGE and read our emailed respectable polite enquiries.
The same old probems - see here and here and here - that have been highlighted on this BLOG before - Group "Minutes" not being posted on the Group website - despite repeated requests that they should be - indeed the website invites visitors to read them (!!) - but over and over they do not get posted.
The Group in reality is a little club with "GOLD" membership for a small in-group - these cop orientated networks love their "GOLD" tag bullshit - readers may remember all the "GOLD" rhubarb at the core of the absolutely disgraceful CRESSIDA DICK operation that slaughtered JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES. Ah "GOLD" Cressida has just had a new year's honour - click here for an outraged commentary RICHARD INGRAMS on that particular pungent dollop.
LAMBETH COMMUNITY POLICE CONSULATATIVE GROUP held a May 2009 meeting about the APRIL 1st death at thug police hands of IAN TOMLINSON. The above email politely enquires why the Group website makes no mention of the meeting - will any explanation ever be forthcoming? The reason why the Group could hold the meeting is because ex Group "GOLDies" went on to work for the IPCC - it was a GOLDish in-crowd opportunity. Anyway no LCPCG website records so far of what transpired - absolutely zero - it might never have happened for all that can be found.

Will LCPCG "Admin" extract its digit and reply to the reasonable matters raised?
Shane Collins the local "GREEN" party "LCPCG GOLDie" was copied into the correspondence - that used to cause mild ripples but nowadays he's "chillin' out" nod nod wink wink "cool man" ... know wot I mean man.


At 5 January 2010 at 02:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Lambeth group is a wash-out. When the Tomlinson meeting was
held people were just walking out of it and repeatedly shouting at Nick Hardwick the IPCC apologist "not fot for purpose".


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