Monday, 6 July 2009


Three national newspapers, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Times have painfully revealing police career background reports today (Mon 6 July) on the riot cop (he sure knew how to riot!) suspended in relation to the death of IAN TOMLINSON.

Anyone who has seen the video showing the repeated attacks by this officer should know that he should not be in the police force, plainly he is a downright thug and is the kind of miscreant whose collar they ought to be in the urgent business of feeling.

Weeks ago now STW was contacting a GREEN PARTY member SHANE COLLINS of LAMBETH's co-called LAMBETH COMMUNITY POLICE CONSULTATIVE GROUP making the point which todays newspaper reports have so clearly indicated namely that this "cop" (so-called) may have bad form already and so there is a very urgent need for his name to be out in the open. It still isn't in the open which is amazing.

See here for STW and the LAMBETH CPCG. The Group is currently ignoring emails about even more recent missing website minutes.

It is amazing that not one journo has burrowed around to get the TOMLINSON cop attackers' name into the public domain - it is incredibly important that the name of this police thug is made public. Instead of oceans of utter media bilge and crap about JACKO and/or JADE etcetera there are much more urgent and neccessary matters.

An historical point STW made to the LAMBETH POLICE COMMUNITY CONSULATATIVE GROUP member (remember this riot cop thug was deployed from STOCKWELL LAMBETH) was that back in the mid 'Sixties it was incredibly important that when the name of London West End thug cop and fit-up merchant Det Sgt Harold Challenor (see here) (and here) (and here) became public many of his fitted-up and thugged-up victims came forward to recount their experiences at his hands while his colleagues in blue had just stood by and done nothing - indeed had applauded his thief taking propensities well aware that he had been policing well below the belt.

So let's have the name of this G20 thug cop out in the open as soon as possible - todays reports already show only too graphically why that ought to be a priority. It is absolutely amazing that it has been kept under wraps. Has everybody already forgotten how valuable it was that a conscientious IPCC worker leaked crucial information about the ongoing police cover-up in the police killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.


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