Tuesday, 2 February 2010


If you Google search "news" items re "PUBLIC TOILETS" day in and day out there are endless reports country-wide about public toilet closures very often getting the nod from local authorities even in the face of local distress and protest. It's very often the usual local authority motivation - as it covertly was in Central Stockwell back in Sept 1988 - a below the belt budget cutting abusive operation with Joe Public on the receiving end left to suffer in silence. And Joanne Public too of course and very much so.
Public toilets are a taboo somewhat unsavoury non-celebrity non-A-list topic to pipe-up about as Joan Bakewell had mentioned in passing some time back and as a result it's unlikely that many local voters express their concerns about local toilet provision or non-provision when local politico's turn up on the knocker while canvassing for local elections. If many locals do pipe-up - here in Stockwell for example - it certainly doesn't surface as such in the local party political ephemera that drops through our local letter boxes - indeed the topic rarely if ever even surfaces in LAMBETH COUNCIL's fortnightly freebee bullshit propaganda rag LAMBETH Liar. These were "political ephemera" concerns that were enormously fingered on this blog 2 years or so ago - and the problem hasn't gone away - the topic is still almost totally ignored by the party politico's and deliberately so. Blimey even ill-informed local WILL SELF has very recently started lecturing -here - about lack of public toilet provision. SELF OFF THE SHELF - let the cry go out!!
Take Lib Dem ANTHONY BOTTRALL who until a few years ago had been a Stockwell Ward Councillor for 12 years - altho' he never once during those years published anything about local toilet provision and altho' he's murmered positively of late he definitely isn't voluntarily doing it publicly and there is no sign whatever that he will put money where his guardedly circumspect mouth is. Absolutely no sign whatever.
Indeed at the local Burns Night event held at the South Lambeth Library last Friday (Jan. 29) he astonishingly indicated in conversation that he had never seen and appeared not even to be aware of the 2006 major London Mayoral report "AN URGENT NEED" - HERE - and when Kilroy suggested to him that he should make himself aware of it he immediately turned away somewhat and dismissively scoffed "I don't need to see that!"
AN URGENT NEED was a very important report because in addition to making serious toilet provision recommendations for urgent local authority adoption it uncovered the London-wide systematic public toilets closures that'd gone down over a 20 year period. Everybody in their closure localities had been dunked-on so to speak and left to suffer in silence - back to well intentioned "urrgghhh ... mums the word" Joan Bakewell. A local politician who isn't sussed on the findings of AN URGENT NEED is seriously deficient in his or her frontal lobes.
Well no sign at present that Bottrall will put pro-local public toilet money where his mouth is even if several months ago in the immediate vicinity of the Stockwell Community and Resource Centre he did go out of his way to let on that he thought that these toilet-watch blogged efforts had done very well to identify a problem that did need dealing with by providing proper local public toilet provision. And in a more grudging mood he has again conceded similar sentiments even more recently - you can track his somewhat grudging remarks among the "COMMMENTS" here. Problem is there is no sign whatever that local Lib Dems will actually make that provision should they get back in power.
So what's all this about "LIB-DEMS CAVE IN TO PUBLIC TOILETS CAMPAIGNERS". Well its Exeter where there has been a very very strong local save our local public toilets campaign - here - to face off the threat of their closure by their local LIB DEM politicians. It has just been announced - see here - and here - that the LIB DEM closure plans have been dropped and local campaigners are cock-a-hoop at their victory. And so they damned well should be. All power to them in their victory.


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