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UPAL MAG No. 8 page 3 carrying "appeal for funds

and the low-down on SWP cowards. Click on both

images to ENLARGE and read in detail.
Oh my ROD LIDDLE is giving out his REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY "oh what untouchable big SWP brave hearts we were" garbage - see here - the cops were afraid of him and them oh wowee ... we were such brazen breezy geezers you couldn't make us up .... trouble is you could and he sure has.

Clock the 1975 repro above from UPAL edition No. 8 at page 3 of the genuinely radical political collective mag UP AGAINST THE LAW. Back then the SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY had their own print works - SWP LITHO - and for previous UPAL editions they'd accepted orders to print it but edition number 6 never appeared. The SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY that ROD LIDDLE writes of as daring do untouchable brave hearts actually in reality got the shits big time after they'd taken UPAL money to print Issue No. 6 and so it never saw the light of day and UPAL also lost the money it'd pre-paid to SWP Litho - it was never returned.

Ah ha so why had LIDDLE's brave heart SWP "nobody could touch us" outfit got the runs? They'd run an edition of their own propaganda rag strongly criticising the fuzz for killing Kevin Gately - see here - in Red Lion Square (1974) - and the authorities had then intimated that they were seeking legal advice because SWP had been too out-spokenly naughty. And of course the ultra brave hearted SWP even with brave hearts like ROD LIDDLE somewhere in their ranks got ye shits big time (yes even in its Paul Foot era) and so didn't have the balls to publish UPAL MAGAZINE because it famously ran an unprecedented regular pages- long "ONE BAD APPLE" section which listed country-wide details of crooked and bent cops ensnared in / and convicted in the criminal courts themselves.

Poor old Rod Liddle he thinks everyone including the cops were afraid of SWP revolutionaries - Rod needs to change his SWP tape its well past its sell by date.


At 23 January 2010 at 06:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oi Kilroy go easy on Rod - I see he's from the link that he's from the same grot football town as grot Stockwell Ward Councilor Pete Bowyer - MIDDLESBORO.


At 23 January 2010 at 08:38 , Anonymous TPRightsofMan said...

"ONE BAD APPLE" in UPAL is sorely missed. Police corruption is so widespread, how can anyone trust police evidence in Court ?

At 23 January 2010 at 09:54 , Blogger Leveller on the Liffey said...

UPAL was brilliant, no holds barred and – as you say – really radical journalism. A magazine with balls but no chains (sorry, couldn't resist that). Sorely missed.

At 23 January 2010 at 10:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these comments. Really nice to know that UPAL is remembered (as it should be) - I'll never forget it especially but not only for the amazing cartoon drawings by Dominic. It was a real creature of the counter culture.



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