Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Back in the Eighties some of us were united to abolish then newly established PRISON SYSTEM "CONTROL UNITS" and we won but there was a fly in the ointment - MARTIN WRIGHT of the HOWARD LEAGUE for PENAL REFORM. So MARTIN WRIGHT and the LEAGUE got the heave ho ... out you go and out they went. Pronto, no messin'.

Today alongside IAN BONE we had a different MARTIN WRIGHT mouthing off on RESONANCE FM - the FM stood for "fuck me". Shame there's no link for listen again or I would maltreat any reader to a listen in. Ian wasn't joined today by mucker CHRIS KNIGHT who at the IAN TOMLINSON picket < HERE > on 22 July outside Scotland Yard (even without his top hat) minced around in vague circles on the Yardside pavement repeatedly muttering (re the IAN TOMLINSON POLICE MURDER) ... "this is upside down policing.... this is upside down policing ... ". How inappropriately banal and imbecilic can you get?

Anyway amongst the RESONANCE gems today we had (just for example) this on the ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE ..."er they aint no good they aint even TRADE UNIONISTS"...

and a little earlier we'd had this similar curt one liner on TRADE UNIONS ..."er they aint no good they don't ever do nuffink".

So now you know ... RESONANCE - yes F very M .... FUCK ME!


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