Friday, 14 June 2013


Two media "UGLY" coppering tags in two days. 
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The METRO report has its amusing dimension - certainly haven't ever seen such an up front 
headlined news item previously in over seven plus decades.
A rumour is circulating that if current remnants of the feminst
SPARE RIB COLLECTIVE could stop their in fighting 
they'd likely take up the UGLY stigma highlighted in the METRO. 
Of course the "ugly" METRO item has zero to do directly with local Clapham resident CONSTANCE BRISCOE who'd simply used the "UGLY" tag to promote her life story BIG TIME.  Anyway it was of considerable interest to learn after a period of silence that a CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE decision has now been made to prosecute her for being untruthful in her dealings with the police - even despite her being a bewigged member of the judiciary herself - see HERE. 

Only time will tell which way the Justice system 
will finally resolve the BRISCOE accusation. 
She will have to remove her wig - that's for sure. 
Years ago now when an old judge had to sentence
a woman for the murder of her nine week old daughter
the old judge very very exceptionally 
removed his wig to show his humanity before doing so -
TIMES obit for Sir Eric Blain 20 Nov. 1969.
They really love showing off in their UGLY wigs OK! 


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