Saturday, 17 August 2013



Oh what a Brixton non reggae music dilemma.  Well splonk it not at Brixton Market 'cos Windbrushed brained Carib's are already weeping to THE GUARDIAN on ultra boring videos that senza reggae music "gentrification" is currently dehumanising them - not knowing or apparently caring that BRIXTON was gentrified 100 years ago!  Why else did it get ELECTRIC AVENUE, the EMPRESS THEATRE and a whole tranch of large Department Stores which East End mates and families of lags on remand in Brixton Prison were dead chuffed to get a chance to shop at en route to Jebb Ave - oh so contrary to what was on offer down Mile End Road.

We cant excavate and dump his bonce below Binfield Road or the locals will think we're secretly re-introducing local PUBLIC TOILETS - perish the thought eh?  And poor old BOG ROLL BOTTRALL would suffer an absolutely gigantic Lib Dem Spasm.  

As above there are more than a few suitable rubbish wagons around on the local Stockwell Housing Estates - why not eh? To be honest I thought he'd been dumped by LONDON STREET COMMUNE SKINHEAD HIPPIES and HELLS ANGELS under 144 PICCADILLY back in 1969.  

If as seems likely there are truly big legal squabbles about the future of this OLD BONCE I hope this blogspot wont totally undermine the legal processes.  Of course my thoughts sincerely go to all those relatives of yesteryear who buried their own at ST MARK's CHURCH CEMETARY opposite the OVAL TUBE - and others who did the same at BRIXTON ST MATTHEWS - all of which very many graves were in-situ and intact when I was a young sprog - for example click HERE and HERE - but which ALL have since been dug-up and done away with - well unhappy those kinfolk would be should they ever chance to pop back for a heartfelt butchers!  Their worries about RICHARD'S BONCE would be minimal.


I would like to reassure readers and SCOTLAND YARD at this time that this BLOGSPOT was not influenced in any way by the cadavers of either PRINCESS DIANA or DODI FAYED or operation by any SPECIAL AIR SERVICES personnel.  Absolutely NOT. 


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