Monday, 29 July 2013



Its amazing what you can pick up at the NEW COVENT GARDEN SUNDAY MORNING FLEA MARKET.  'Course there’s also plenty of crap piled up sky high and sadly only one book seller has managed to survive.

Things’ll get worse in the months ahead as ultra rich masturbators and the USA EMBASSY riff raff get relocated to NINE ELMS LANE and when - as a consequence - a large portion of NEW COVENT MARKET gets the chop for redevelopment. Course not that long ago the MARKET itself was relocated from the original COVENT GARDEN.

Who knows maybe in the longer future the chilled out rich scumocracy will even also cause the relocation of BATTERSEA CATS AND DOGS HOME. I did hear to my very great surprise from a non BATTERSEA or London based animal professional very recently that they had actually heard such a rumour. 

Next to full height bullshit signage along the NINE ELMS LANE with chimney stacks images the rhetoric reads “THE POWER IS BACK ON” what it means is that the property developers are taking over and using images of the power station which in fact it is intended largely demolish. SCUM PLUS.

As is obvious from the above photographed NINE ELMS FLEA MARKET Sunday morning signage browsers spirits still suffer an occasional upsurge. And no problem with the CHIPS grassing – I tried to get info from them on which shit politicians may be in line to be blown away but they remained absolutely tight lipped. More than a few other browsing onlookers may well have had their own ideas about which icebergs currently deserve an end game visitation courtesy of  that particular menu item.

There’s not that many London eateries where you can order MACHINE GUN n CHIPS.  NINE ELMS FLEA MARKET has made the grade. And all power to its elbow.  Vauxhall’s local Labour MP KATE HOEY MP wont mind.  After all she’s a devout Catholic hunting and killing enthusiast BIG TIME.  Indeed she may even have given the new royal sprog COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE hunting and shooting tutorials already. They are currently head bangers for starting off shootin' yoofs as early as possible altho' not on BMX bikes wearing masks. Between Constituency Surgeries etc of course.      


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