Friday, 9 August 2013



This is a brief spot of advice for would be local blaggers.  Not advice I have thought to blog about before but yesterdays above blagger item was so classic that it would be a shame not to reproduce it to help out any potential blaggers out there.

As far as I know GEORGE DAVIS of EAST END blagging infamy has gone into retirement and numerous of his partners in blagging are no more - sometimes blasted to smithereens by a fellow blagger who lost it 'cos someone made a minor negative comment their tie or that their socks weren't up to scratch at a Night Club or booser. Hey ho the cool dude blagging life can sure prove unpredictable.

Anyway any blaggers out there should keep the above report in mind so that if things go arse up some ultra posey justice system bewigged horsehair can formulate a few favourable comments on their behalf before sentence is passed. 'Course if you pass a few wads back before scarpering and dont get caught you'll linguistically graduate from "daft" to "deft" crook.


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