Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Binfield Road has been bagged. Not as a Sainsbury’s plastic bag, or even as some snazzy trendy GREENER effort – quite the opposite. No it’s pitted, dug-out and been left with deep set concrete bags which are now almost full of toppled over reddish traffic bollards strewn with litter. There they sit holed up smack bang in the hyper busy main Stockwell intersection roadway. No work at all done today Hose.

In other words BINFIELD ROAD has been BOLLARDED and BAGGED. And not a single Stockwell Ward local Lambeth LLOGOSSBO councillor Is in sight (see earlier posts) to pay his or her respects - not even far out Cabinet Cllr LIB PECK who's lost way beyond our local Stockwell horizons.

Oh well give it a day or two more of the very same astonishing traffic deadlock and other workshy neglect that it is already suffering, and the mountains of bollards may by then provide an adventure playscape for wayward dangerous living youths and kids.

Binfield Road used to have even bigger holes in the road at this intersection junction – only they weren’t called "holes" or "bags" of course. Quite trouble free, they were there below the road level for very many decades until anti social ASBO Lambeth Councillors in Sept. 1988 wanted to quietly cut budgets and sod the rest of us. In those days Binfield's bagged holes were called PUBLIC TOILETS.


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