Wednesday, 30 January 2008


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Another Tuesday edition, another SOUTH LONDON PRESS local Council censorial CESSPIT operation. Last week it was KILROY, this blog and Lambeth Council's injured sensitivities - twas an attack by KILROY on "the cornerstone of democracy" namely LAMBETH COUNCIL led by yesterdays-man CABINET grimeball STEVE REED. This Tuesday its an abyssmal operation by SOUTHWARK COUNCIL to knock out street poet PAUL URSELL. One feels some sense of sympathy for SOUTHWARKs finest because the poor dears failed to get a destruction order against PAULs 200 poems. As one broken hearted Southwark crocodile told the SLP: "Oh my God they could have been back on the streets again within hours". Have to be brutally frank, SOUTHWARK should have called on the skills and expertise of LAMBETH GRIMEBALL REED - he'd maybe have invited lawyers and court officials to one of his everybody keep your bloody traps shut CABINET stitch-ups and bang would have gone those poems, no fuss, no complications no questions allowed. In fact he would have probably printed them all up in LAMBETH LIFE and they'd have been neatly lost for all time 'cos nobody ever reads it. Come on SOUTHWARK pull your jocks up.


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