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When the CABINET meeting opened REED made one or two announcements. There was one minutes silence for a Cllr who'd recently died. There were maybe 30 folk there not including those round the Cabinet table. Declarations of Interest was over in a jiffy and then (item 2) Minutes of last meeting was also over quickly. Then (item 3) - by now Reed had mentioned that Cllrs in the audience who wanted to speak should bear in mind that he Reed also wanted allow members of the public to speak. KILROY was a bit surprised cos he'd read on the Council web that the public couldn't expect to speak (and that obviously Reed was in charge blah blah blah).

Anyway the next main item (3) was a biggy REVENUE AND CAPITAL BUDGET 2008/9 to 2012/13. Jim Dickson spoke to it and other Cllrs at the table. In the audience it wasn't clear who were Cllrs and who weren't - one or two were recognised but more generally not.

Reed added his few pence worth to what had already been said. Then he closed the discussion. A few folk to the right, one man in particular, was quietly gobsmacked and politely interjected to say that Reed had not allowed anyone to speak which this man was obviously wanting to do. Reed told an absolutely bare faced lie - he said he'd already asked if anyone wanted to speak and no one had indicated so he was now moving on and would not reconsider etc., The man said he'd not heard him ask. Reed couldn't have cared less and went on.

One or two minutes later (+ -) the man "thro' the Chair" politely formally interjected and protested that Reed had not asked, the man said he'd just quietly conferred with those near him and he said none had heard any such invitation. Reed was arrogant steely and unmoveable and just persisted with ignoring the man's interjection - which was totally respectful and polite.

REED HAD NEVER ASKED OR MADE ANY SUCH INVITATION - ABSOLUTELY NOT. Anyway KILROY then protested a bit more loudly by saying that why not have a "hands up" vote to see how many people had or hadn't heard any such invitation. No chance he just ignored and went on. KILROY wrote "I thought I heard a pin drop". It was absolutely disgraceful. KILROY said nothing further and hadn't a clue who the folk were whose requests had been so over-ridden.

Anyway next item (4) - Housing Revenue - Cabinet Cllrs spoke to it and tabled Officers and one or two from the audience (who may or may not have been Cllrs - there probably were Cllrs among them).

Then came cobwebbed item 5 Public Conveniences. LIB PECK opened and said her bits then one or two officers. Reed or Peck had already threw in a passing comment that Popes Road was especially controversial and that among the audience was a person connected with the Market Traders (R & P indicated that they knew who the person was). This man was allowed to speak. This signalled that it was public contribution time and so KILROY put his hand up to speak. KILROY came to the meeting not expecting to speak but because of what transpired as already explained decided to do so. The intention was to make some pointed disatisfactions with the Cabinet Report and to seek a number of specific clarifications. REED was smack bang opposite but ignored the request. I remained silent.

A man just behind to the left spoke - he may well have been a Cllr - not sure though from his tone and choice of expression he seemed to be familiar to REED. He made some very good points - that women were being incredibly short changed indeed overlooked etc., He spoke for 3 or 4 minutes -not long but long enough to make his points. He finished, very nearby him KILROY pops his hand up again. REED was having none of it - not even to acknowledge the request. So KILROY interjects vocally and then REED had to respond to the effect that he was moving on and that that was that.

That wasn't that cos KILROY didn't let him saying he'd been invited to the meeting by one of his (REED's) support staff (as he had) who was in contact with him because he'd written to REED. Anyway REED says KILROY is not going to be allowed to speak and tries to shut the matter down.

KILROY stands up and says a few things to challenge what was going on. Says that the Council was an absolute disgrace, that his Head of the Legal and Democractic Services (sat nearby REED) was sending out hard mail threatening/warning letters which he wasn't even bothering to sign - and that having worked in local government for 9 years KILROY had never done such things.

KILROY accused that REED had never opened up dscussion/consultation about this issue in LAMBETH LIFE but had kept the lid on it. This exchange took place as REED was trying to ignore and shut KILROY up but of course he didn't manage that. He said he would have to ask KILROY to leave the meeting - which was a joke because who would dream of remaining at a meeting being conducted as this one was - and he was told so. He was also told that KILROY might get caught short and dunk on him. REED then came out with the crap query "was he being threatened?". By then KILROY had already gathered up his belongings. He left calling to them that they were a "BULLSHIT COUNCIL". (Of course with appologies to real BULLS and their far more refined SHIT everywhere).

The way REED treated the members of the public /audience who wanted to speak re AGENDA item No.3 was absolutely filthy and disgraceful. Of course REED is chair of the meeting but that does NOT entitle him to behave with contempt, utter bare faced deceit and disregard.


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