Wednesday, 30 January 2008


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GRIMEBALL REEDs grot CABINET meeting this week had NO surprises up its sleeve - apart from dirty lying tricks which for present purposes we'll skirt round as you would poops on the pavement. This blog has been predicting that women were going to get short changed - indeed it was one of KILROYs women short changed satirical postings that has so upset our council grimeballs. Especially the 3 STOCKWELL WARD grimeballs.

No - the grimeball PUBLIC LOOS report tabled on MONDAY shortchanged women exactly as KILROY had been predicting. Indeed the brief narrative posting a day ago onto this blog (MORE LOW-LIFE FILTH ON REED) which gives an account of that meeting makes it clear that that shortcoming was frowned upon and challenged as a matter of both fact and of principle. Between the lines (so to speak) even a number of the improvements that are said to in the pipeline over a 2 year period may not all finally actually see the light of day. It appears VERY LIKELY that central STOCKWELL will still NOT be provided with public toilets of any kind. If the case is otherwise this GROT COUNCIL could be doing 99 percent more to make that CLEAR. Today - today!!! - 5 years after Westminster Council inroduced pop up pissoirs this BULLSHIT COUNCIL are sending out BULLSHIT press release saying that LAMBETH is now going to introduce these "SPACE AGE" (!!!) pissoirs. Lambeth Councillors are so full of shite that "pissoirs" surely won't do the job. Tomorrow on this blog - when LAMBETH COUNCIL wanted to close 5 of its local libraries it tried to dwarf its decison by publicising a "SPACE AGE " fantasy artwork for a surving library - clock the BLOG tomorrow and be be-dazzled by the LAMBETH DIMWIT PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

The above article to the right is about need for and demise of "you know what". It was published in THE GUARDIAN the day after GRIMEBALL REEDs CABINET CAPERS.


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