Sunday, 3 June 2007


Kilroy would love to be able to report that there is some sign that LAMBETH COUNCIL is actually doing something to provide proper public toilet provision in the Stockwell area - this would even assist local folk who may have urgent pressing reasons to believe that their ancesters were abused as slaves. However there is a very small and painfully obvious modicum of help on the "caught short" toilet front. Last Fridays delivery to every household, courtesy of Council Leader Steve Reed of "LAMBETH Life" the blatant in-house Council propaganda rag - its barely readable and on the toilet front of course never readable because it steers well clear of that debate - see numerous previous posts - has to be given some credit for this.

The June "LAMBETH Life" issue is chocka with wasted space and even if its unreadable - including another repetitious column from Cllr Reed himself - it could be carried on the person and used for toilet paper if nature rather urgently calls and you have to do a dunk alongside the lovely white side wall of "BETTER BOOKIES" on the Claphan Road - see previous posts.

So all is not entirely lost - we are getting toilet paper of sorts which is thick enough (in several senses) including the one that ensures that it won't tear and cover you in stinky poo's when being used. There's plenty of space and beseeching encouragement in the June issue for those "caught short" about ancesters who were or may have been slaves long long ago - so all is not entrely lost. I think we'll make this a red text post just to keep our spirits up. Only this week by a fluke I was reading the mid 18th century essay by Henry Fielding on the upsurge in crime, robbery and lawlessless in which he discusses - up to a point - that a lot of it had to do with the "commonality" (us common people) getting too cocky and no longer being virtual slaves but I don't think "LAMBETH Life" is harking back to those slaves - in fact I'm sure of it.


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