Sunday, 28 October 2007


Got the first ever written communication from a STOCKWELL WARD COUNCILLOR. And it even mentions public toilets.

It was an email and written at 1am in the morning. Guess who wrote it? None other than our recent Tyrelss4Toilets winner "MIDDLESBORO ARE PLAYING AWAY" Pete Bowyer. And after 2 years guess what he had to say about public toilet provision at central Stockwell? Nothing at all. Not a single word! So no change there then!! So we've put the flags out for him - at half mast.

Oh he did mention a communication I'd handed in over a month earlier at LAMBETH TOWN HALL "post room" addressed to him personally. Guess what he had to say about this? It was that he had "no recollection of having seen the communication". Funny kinda coincidence that - earlier this year there were absolutely endless idiotic hassles re Council Tax, Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit so eventually a personal letter was similarly handed in to Lambeth Town Post Room for the attention of Councillor Jim Dickson, who has Cabinet responsibility for those matters. He too eventually claimed never to have got the correspondence. Bog standards but alas no bogs.

Sunday, 14 October 2007


This year's
ANNUAL AWARD (2007) goes to
PLAYING AWAY" supporter
Lambeth Councillor PETE BOWYER.

He'll duly receive a
digital "CASIO" wristwatch
and a 72 (seventy two!!!) packet WEETABIX.

It was a very close call between Middlesboro Pete, Eurostarred "Partnership George" and "No Toilets for Peerages" Baroness Imogen of Larkhall.

"STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH" hopes the losers won't be too disheartened and here's why - on curent form these awards look like dragging on for a good few more years yet.