Monday, 29 December 2008

er...hmmmm....LORD HAW HAW .... used to live not far from STOCKWELL ...err....

... that's all ... thought you'd like to know ... including
I aint had a backhander from the German Embassy for this plug ... nor from ... well not YET!!

Sunday, 28 December 2008


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It's "REVOLUTION" the bar or whatsit mid-way up CLAPHAM HIGH STREET that has signed-up as a paid-for participant in LAMBETH COUNCIL's "COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME" altho' you'd hardly know it. Three lovely piccy's shot yesterday - see if YOU (including Labour blogger Alex Bigham) can clearly spot the CTS scheme signage on any of the frontage - where you'd expect it ought to be located as the basic idea of the half hearted scheme is to provide toilets for whomsoever may require the useage of them. Indeed a premises this extensive could display more than one smallish CTS sign - altho' that's asking rather a lot for LAMBETH COUNCIL to get its head round.
Maybe the Guvnor of "REVOLUTION" hasn't quite got his heart in the scheme. It doesn't seem so.

Saturday, 27 December 2008


Onionbogblog has bagged a bogshot - as above.
Altho' Onionbagblog doesn't do much for yours truly (local blogs are indicative that artists and/or such like have moved into the up-coming area did you know!!!??? - so is my rear end) this shot IS worth giving a plug. Would it were taken at central STOCKWELL but unfortunately not - but now that absentee Labourite ALEX BIGHAM is threatening to re-visit the manor maybe he'll also unwrap one of the above - don't hold your breath altho' his blog has got money sloshing about and he's stuck for ideas for how to use it.
So far Bigham's' blog has been a totally toilet free zone. I might pop up to Middlesboro to digitally record its pretty pretty loos - then again - maybe not. I just hope that on the pictured fonebox window that is not a misplaced LAMBETH COMMUNITY TOILET SCAM sticker.

Friday, 26 December 2008


News is just coming in about another cop hit at STOCKWELL STATION. The man who would probably claim that he was simply in the wrong place on the wrong day has not been named but it is believed that the cops have been after him for a very long time. Police have released 3 fotos one of which is alleged to be todays victim who had acted extremely suspiciously en route to work by public transport from Tulse Hill where unfortunately for him he had been visiting a brazilian friend who'd lived in the same multiple housing complex as had Hussein Osman.

At this stage details are still very hazy. The dead man, who at Brixton High Street had noticed that WOOLWORTHS were already closed due to operation CREDIT CRUNCH re boarded the same bus and travelled on to STOCKWELL after making 2 mobile fone calls and after briefly looking about before stooping to tie one of his shoe laces. The dead man had been questioned in connection with a 1990’s murder investigation, had strenously denied any involvement and had voluntarily offered his DNA.

He is believed to have been shadowed this morning by a fake randy undercover police woman with a university background whose true identity has not yet been disclosed. At the time of writing the Met Commissioner is reportedly meeting with ex Mayor of London Ken Livingstone who is believed to be a very strong supporter of the police woman's career. A police press briefing was due to take place at noon but has now been put back until later in the day when fuller details will be disclosed about the dead man’s oddball criminal background.

Sunday, 21 December 2008


That fantastic STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY LOCAL BLOG tagged "STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL" is deeply in the doldrums. Indeed you might very well conclude that it's a case of "STOCKWELL STOOD UP" rather than "STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL".

It's most current blogspot is it's NAFF report (November 16) blah blah blahing about how the STOCKWELL DRUG DEN on the corner of Jeffreys Road has been cleaned-up and sorted. An inspection of the said premises today still exhibited a very filthy unsightly littered front garden and the inside of the premises is also in total bog order - indeed is pretty much as it was weeks ago.
The problem with the STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL "DRUG DEN" November 16 post is that the foto used is difficult to de-code. Is it showing the premises already cleaned up? Or is it showing it as it is NOW - bloody filthy and littered to buggery?
Mind you when "STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL" blogged the STOCKWELL intersection chicken take-away fire (1 November) the foto used wasn't even current.

What a surprise from a LABOUR party outfit that are so super efficient in providing local public loos. Good old Middlesboro - still playing away!!

Sunday, 14 December 2008


Below is an excerpt from a very good journalistic critique of the police accounts re the MENEZES EXECUTION fiasco. It is very important. It particularises the decision of MENEZES on the morning of his murderous execution to re-board the bus at Brixton Station to travel on to STOCKWELL because Brixton Underground Station was closed. This blog has previously posted concerns about this aspect of the MENEZES fiasco because to date there had - amazingly - been no proper account of what was going on at Brixton Station that morning - no proper account of why the station had been closed and for how long etc., with the obvious implication that maybe MENEZES behaviour in re boarding the bus was NOT suspicious and maybe that in addition the police very well knew it wasn't despite their claims EVER SINCE that IT WAS so as to underwrite their decision to blast him to pieces.
Well below is the first fuller published account of what the BRIXTON STATION closure had been about - as blogged before the IPCC negligently >here<>failed to investigate this matter - at which latter news local MP Kate Hoey expressed her great "surprise". Here is the latest account - and the link for it is >here< color="#ffffff">-----

The second bus trip
Mr de Menezes got on a No. 2 bus at 9.39am,
followed by one of the surveillance officers, then got off the bus at Brixton ten minutes later, made a phone call and reboarded the same bus.
Chief Inspector Vince Esposito, an intelligence
officer in the police control room, told the inquest Mr de Menezes's decision to
get back on the same bus had helped seal his fate.
"That was what we would consider to be typical anti-surveillance operations," he said. "If somebody behaves like that, especially at that time, I started to form the opinion, from what was coming over the radio, that this was
our subject Nettle Tip... it just seemed to me strange. Why would a person get off the bus and then wait and then get back on the bus?"
In fact, there was a perfectly simple explanation
- Mr de Menezes had got off at Brixton intending to take the Tube to work from there, but the Tube station was closed because of the previous day's attempted bombings, which the police must have known. Mr de Menezes's phone call was to a work colleague to say he was going to be late.


"which the police must have known" eh!!

Friday, 12 December 2008


"One's palaces are...... falling down, and one's builders simply aren't up to the job. Such is the sad state of affairs affecting the Queen, "let down" by delayed repairs to the 360 properties in her Royal Estate. A £36million backlog has built up - about the only thing that has - and Her Majesty is "concerned at the deterioration of her palaces". Well, one would be, wouldn't one? Perhaps Santa will bring her a trowel."


Daily Mirror 12 December 2008.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


LAMBETH Life the fortnightly COUNCIL propaganda rag dropped thro the door today. As rather expected it carried a half pager on the long awaited Council "COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME". It is more interested in giving a P R puff to verbal congrats from one or two locals than actually providing details of the actual locations where those businesses who have signed up as participants in the scheme are actually located. The latter locations have already been detailed during the past week on this blog - and photographs of relatively localised premises have also been uploaded.
LAMBETH Life offers a web link address which does provide the details if searched in computer browsers.
However very importantly many local people do not have computers or computer know how and so those persons will in effect not have the information to hand. This is a serious shortcoming. LAMBETH Life wastes incredible amounts of space in edition after edition and the CTS locations information could very easily have been published in full and should have been.

Monday, 8 December 2008


Speaks for itself really. Should do a roarin' C12 Christmas trade. For more information click >here<.

Sunday, 7 December 2008


CLICK on above images - UPPER then LOWER to ENLARGE in sequence and read ADVICE.
This blog has been bleating on until it is (as it were) blue in the face that it is no joke getting "CAUGHT SHORT" in CENTRAL STOCKWELL because there are no public toilets. The current situation is that for the forseeable future there is going to be NO CHANGE.
LAMBETH COUNCIL's recent announcements about it's up-coming COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME (CTS) will not (as previously posted >here<) provide any public toilet provision to cover the CENTRAL STOCKWELL area - nor indeed the CLAPHAM ROAD so far as - and beyond - CLAPHAM NORTH UNDERGROUND STATION. This despite the fact that teeming numbers of commuters use both STOCKWELL and CLAPHAM NORTH STATIONS.
have not communicated any information on what the local CENTRAL STOCKWELL future prospects are. Indeed 2 of them BOWYER and WALKER have never ever communicated any feedback re this problem so far as this blog is aware.
All 3 Ward Councillors did NOT attend the COUNCIL CABINET meeting that discussed public toilet provision last January. The situation is slightly less straight-forward re Councillor PAV AKHTAR.
As blogged last May >here< Kilroy's STUDLEY ESTATE address was visited by AKHTAR who pressed him to vote for LIVINGSTONE in the then LONDON MAYORAL ELECTION. This on-the-knocker (so to speak) visit came as a curious shock because LAMBETH COUNCIL had earlier tried to shut down this blog >here<. Anyway AKHTAR sure got button-holed about STOCKWELL public toilet provision - the only time he has ever communicated with KILROY - he has since ignored ALL other initiatives made in his direction.
In May AKHTAR had stated that 2 CENTRAL STOCKWELL businesses/venues were being consulted with a view to their CTS participation - neither of these businesses (which had included THE SWAN) figure among those that are now announced as agreed CTS participants. Of course it would be naive in the extreme to expect AKHTAR or either of his two above mentioned STOCKWELL WARD cronies to communicate any explanation for the above failures.
What the reproduced GRANTHAM ROAD HEALTH CENTRE "CAUGHT SHORT" advice brochure testifies to - perish the thought that having to do so in this day and age should even be necessary - is that the need for public toilet provision is URGENT.
Go to PARIS and along all the main drags there are very very many free automated 24/7 public toilets. Heaven forbid that blighty should ever get THAT basic. Whatever next!

Friday, 5 December 2008


Local LABOUR are chokka blokka with local (and Lambeth wide LAMBETH Life) boasts about how they've cleaned up a local central Stockwell "drugs den" - in reality they haven't - the location on the corner of Jeffrey's Road (plastered with their propaganda ephemera - 5 separate sets of the same "look what we've done" signs plastered all round the fencing) is still an utter rubbish tip - the gardens are knee deep in rubbish and a peep through the front ground floor windows exhibits the same state of affairs. Local LABOUR are desperate to puff-up their so-called achievements.

On the public toilets front so far as CENTRAL STOCKWELL is concerned it is another written off year - as recently blogged it (>here<) it's "STOCKWELL: DOWN THE TOILET". So it's not just STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH with a bee in its bonnet. Local Labour are bullshitters.


The MENEZES INQUEST coroner has been "caught short" and without even having to chance a one-stop ride on the underground to STOCKWELL STATION. On the one hand the surviving relatives of MENEZES staged a silent demo at the inquest with tee shirts spelling out clearly to the JURY that they could - if they so chose - bring in an unlawful killing finding against the MET for the execution of Jean Charles.
"Caught short" the CORONER was, and he wasn't having any of that so among other things he reminded the JURY that a killer cop who'd given testimony had actually shed tears (>here<).
"Later in his summing up, the coroner reminded the jury of the moment that "Charlie 12", one of the policemen who shot Mr de Menezes, broke down in tears during his evidence. "This tough, fit, highly trained, mature man broke down in tears and this fact may assist you in assessing the depth of the emotional experience that he was going through here when he was reliving the terrible events of July 22 [2005]," he said".

The interesting contrasting aspect here is that he had previously warned the JURY against getting overwrought because of the extremely obvious pain and injury felt by MENEZES' family - "members of the jury put that to one side it is emotionalism whereas it is not emotionalism but evidence that you are here to consider" .
Does rather seem like there is "emotionalism" that the police ought to be able to rely upon, and Menezes emotionalism of a very similar kind that the coroner doesn't recognise as being valid, and indeed is even to be warned against. Wot a non-surprise.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


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The above LAMBETH COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME (CTS) report was published on Tuesday DEC 2nd. It basically repeats the details already blogged by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH on Sunday (>here<). The South London Press report fails to high-light serious shortcomings with the listed STOCKWELL CTS provisions. There will in effect continue to be NO provision at CENTRAL STOCKWELL or in the area southwards extending in fact to pretty well mid-way up CLAPHAM HIGH STREET. In other words no provision whatever from STOCKWELL to CLAPHAM NORTH, no provision at CLAPHAM NORTH - an electronic pop-up pissoir half way up the HIGH STREET will be up for just a few hours late at night only at weekends and provision more generally at the nearby REVOLUTION BAR. As pointedly tagged on the STOCKWELL NEWS blog (>here<) "STOCKWELL DOWN THE TOILET". Anyone caught-short on the CLAPHAM ROAD will continue to have no where to turn to. STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY "STAND -UP FOR STOCKWELL" blog have yet to even report on local public toilet provision - maybe the "stand-up" they have in might is in your face very un-funny comedy.

Monday, 1 December 2008


CLICK on image to ENLARGE and read it! What a dollop of well intentioned unintended stand-up!!
Today's METRO contrasts the developed world (so-called) with the un-developed world so far as toilet provision is concerned. That leaves central STOCKWELL totally and utterlly in the doldrums.
CENTRAL STOCKWELL is one of those rush-hour teeming commuterland locations where our LABOUR politicians closed down the local public toilets 20 years ago and where they still show no real sign of re-constituting - witness yesterdays STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH blogspot news which makes that blindingly clear. More on the latter dollop in due course - todays METRO stand-up is too rare to pass over.
NOEL NOEL NOEL A TOILET FOR CHRISTMAS in the undeveloped world and no toilet for Christmas in central STOCKWELL. Don't laugh so much you'll crap your pants.