Thursday, 31 January 2008


Glory be what exiting times we're still living in. Decked out in one of Oswald Boateng's Saville Row most expensive I'm scouring the Royal Boro of Lambeth hearing voices and seeking an artist who could produce a page one LAMBETH LIFE spread that would be comparable to the above January 1999 epic designed to play down... down... down... 5 projected local library closures within the context of Lambeth's quest for “CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE". Before 1999 I'd thought The Spinners were Liverpool folkies. Mind you in those far off days Lambeth was still a tad dimwit and the SPACE AGE futuristsic pissoir tag failed to get cottoned on to. I was going to fly a kite for an artist at Monday night's DIRTY SKUNKS LAMBETH TOWN HALL CABINET CLUB but as previously posted D.J. GRIMEBALL REED had deep bowel problems.

The voice I'm hearing is that of my Clapham Church Yard buried cockatiel calling out over and over “GOING4GOLD .... FIND THE PISSOIR OLYMPICS”.

I pray that LIVINGSTONE or ELLA COP-OUT doesn't get the whisper.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


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er ..... "SPACE AGE" GURU LAMBETH LABOUR LEADER (so called) COUNCILLOR STEVE REED is half set to introduce "SPACE AGE" POP-UP (fly by night) POP-DOWN (pick a bale of cotton) PISSOIR URINALS within the next 2 years... er ..... maybe

er ..... 5 years...... er ..... after ..... WESTMINSTER TORIES introduced them in LONDON's WEST END. All three STOCKWELL WARD COUNCILLORS are under sedation after suffering PAROXYSMS of UNCONTROLLABLE ORGASMIC DELIGHT even tho' STOCKWELL probably wont actually get one.


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GRIMEBALL REEDs grot CABINET meeting this week had NO surprises up its sleeve - apart from dirty lying tricks which for present purposes we'll skirt round as you would poops on the pavement. This blog has been predicting that women were going to get short changed - indeed it was one of KILROYs women short changed satirical postings that has so upset our council grimeballs. Especially the 3 STOCKWELL WARD grimeballs.

No - the grimeball PUBLIC LOOS report tabled on MONDAY shortchanged women exactly as KILROY had been predicting. Indeed the brief narrative posting a day ago onto this blog (MORE LOW-LIFE FILTH ON REED) which gives an account of that meeting makes it clear that that shortcoming was frowned upon and challenged as a matter of both fact and of principle. Between the lines (so to speak) even a number of the improvements that are said to in the pipeline over a 2 year period may not all finally actually see the light of day. It appears VERY LIKELY that central STOCKWELL will still NOT be provided with public toilets of any kind. If the case is otherwise this GROT COUNCIL could be doing 99 percent more to make that CLEAR. Today - today!!! - 5 years after Westminster Council inroduced pop up pissoirs this BULLSHIT COUNCIL are sending out BULLSHIT press release saying that LAMBETH is now going to introduce these "SPACE AGE" (!!!) pissoirs. Lambeth Councillors are so full of shite that "pissoirs" surely won't do the job. Tomorrow on this blog - when LAMBETH COUNCIL wanted to close 5 of its local libraries it tried to dwarf its decison by publicising a "SPACE AGE " fantasy artwork for a surving library - clock the BLOG tomorrow and be be-dazzled by the LAMBETH DIMWIT PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

The above article to the right is about need for and demise of "you know what". It was published in THE GUARDIAN the day after GRIMEBALL REEDs CABINET CAPERS.


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Another Tuesday edition, another SOUTH LONDON PRESS local Council censorial CESSPIT operation. Last week it was KILROY, this blog and Lambeth Council's injured sensitivities - twas an attack by KILROY on "the cornerstone of democracy" namely LAMBETH COUNCIL led by yesterdays-man CABINET grimeball STEVE REED. This Tuesday its an abyssmal operation by SOUTHWARK COUNCIL to knock out street poet PAUL URSELL. One feels some sense of sympathy for SOUTHWARKs finest because the poor dears failed to get a destruction order against PAULs 200 poems. As one broken hearted Southwark crocodile told the SLP: "Oh my God they could have been back on the streets again within hours". Have to be brutally frank, SOUTHWARK should have called on the skills and expertise of LAMBETH GRIMEBALL REED - he'd maybe have invited lawyers and court officials to one of his everybody keep your bloody traps shut CABINET stitch-ups and bang would have gone those poems, no fuss, no complications no questions allowed. In fact he would have probably printed them all up in LAMBETH LIFE and they'd have been neatly lost for all time 'cos nobody ever reads it. Come on SOUTHWARK pull your jocks up.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008



When the CABINET meeting opened REED made one or two announcements. There was one minutes silence for a Cllr who'd recently died. There were maybe 30 folk there not including those round the Cabinet table. Declarations of Interest was over in a jiffy and then (item 2) Minutes of last meeting was also over quickly. Then (item 3) - by now Reed had mentioned that Cllrs in the audience who wanted to speak should bear in mind that he Reed also wanted allow members of the public to speak. KILROY was a bit surprised cos he'd read on the Council web that the public couldn't expect to speak (and that obviously Reed was in charge blah blah blah).

Anyway the next main item (3) was a biggy REVENUE AND CAPITAL BUDGET 2008/9 to 2012/13. Jim Dickson spoke to it and other Cllrs at the table. In the audience it wasn't clear who were Cllrs and who weren't - one or two were recognised but more generally not.

Reed added his few pence worth to what had already been said. Then he closed the discussion. A few folk to the right, one man in particular, was quietly gobsmacked and politely interjected to say that Reed had not allowed anyone to speak which this man was obviously wanting to do. Reed told an absolutely bare faced lie - he said he'd already asked if anyone wanted to speak and no one had indicated so he was now moving on and would not reconsider etc., The man said he'd not heard him ask. Reed couldn't have cared less and went on.

One or two minutes later (+ -) the man "thro' the Chair" politely formally interjected and protested that Reed had not asked, the man said he'd just quietly conferred with those near him and he said none had heard any such invitation. Reed was arrogant steely and unmoveable and just persisted with ignoring the man's interjection - which was totally respectful and polite.

REED HAD NEVER ASKED OR MADE ANY SUCH INVITATION - ABSOLUTELY NOT. Anyway KILROY then protested a bit more loudly by saying that why not have a "hands up" vote to see how many people had or hadn't heard any such invitation. No chance he just ignored and went on. KILROY wrote "I thought I heard a pin drop". It was absolutely disgraceful. KILROY said nothing further and hadn't a clue who the folk were whose requests had been so over-ridden.

Anyway next item (4) - Housing Revenue - Cabinet Cllrs spoke to it and tabled Officers and one or two from the audience (who may or may not have been Cllrs - there probably were Cllrs among them).

Then came cobwebbed item 5 Public Conveniences. LIB PECK opened and said her bits then one or two officers. Reed or Peck had already threw in a passing comment that Popes Road was especially controversial and that among the audience was a person connected with the Market Traders (R & P indicated that they knew who the person was). This man was allowed to speak. This signalled that it was public contribution time and so KILROY put his hand up to speak. KILROY came to the meeting not expecting to speak but because of what transpired as already explained decided to do so. The intention was to make some pointed disatisfactions with the Cabinet Report and to seek a number of specific clarifications. REED was smack bang opposite but ignored the request. I remained silent.

A man just behind to the left spoke - he may well have been a Cllr - not sure though from his tone and choice of expression he seemed to be familiar to REED. He made some very good points - that women were being incredibly short changed indeed overlooked etc., He spoke for 3 or 4 minutes -not long but long enough to make his points. He finished, very nearby him KILROY pops his hand up again. REED was having none of it - not even to acknowledge the request. So KILROY interjects vocally and then REED had to respond to the effect that he was moving on and that that was that.

That wasn't that cos KILROY didn't let him saying he'd been invited to the meeting by one of his (REED's) support staff (as he had) who was in contact with him because he'd written to REED. Anyway REED says KILROY is not going to be allowed to speak and tries to shut the matter down.

KILROY stands up and says a few things to challenge what was going on. Says that the Council was an absolute disgrace, that his Head of the Legal and Democractic Services (sat nearby REED) was sending out hard mail threatening/warning letters which he wasn't even bothering to sign - and that having worked in local government for 9 years KILROY had never done such things.

KILROY accused that REED had never opened up dscussion/consultation about this issue in LAMBETH LIFE but had kept the lid on it. This exchange took place as REED was trying to ignore and shut KILROY up but of course he didn't manage that. He said he would have to ask KILROY to leave the meeting - which was a joke because who would dream of remaining at a meeting being conducted as this one was - and he was told so. He was also told that KILROY might get caught short and dunk on him. REED then came out with the crap query "was he being threatened?". By then KILROY had already gathered up his belongings. He left calling to them that they were a "BULLSHIT COUNCIL". (Of course with appologies to real BULLS and their far more refined SHIT everywhere).

The way REED treated the members of the public /audience who wanted to speak re AGENDA item No.3 was absolutely filthy and disgraceful. Of course REED is chair of the meeting but that does NOT entitle him to behave with contempt, utter bare faced deceit and disregard.

Monday, 28 January 2008


Speaks for itself - FILTHY CABINET OPERATOR STEVE REED. Click on image to ENLARGE. Stand well back and hold your nose. Take a good bath too - you never know. And it wasn't only in relation to the public toilets cabinet item that he exhibited himself . He may even have been ducking and diving to discover why his HEAD of LEGAL and DEMOCRATIC SERVICES is sending out WARNING and THREATENING letters that aren't signed. When KILROY was in local government it was ALWAYS customary to sign letters. In those days GREENWICH COUNCIL was merely wet (as distinct from nowadays SCUM BAKED) behind the ears.


To coincide with tonights LAMBETH COUNCIL "PISSOIRS" CABINET MEETING an "A level" BIG MAC "FIND THE PISSOIRS" qualification will be introduced in the ROYAL BOROUGH OF LAMBETH.

LAMBETH will be the first ROYAL BOROUGH to pioneer these courses and competition for student places is expected to be intense tho' perhaps less so among the female population.

Pissoirs will not apear overnight - that much is already clear. This is breaking news and KILROY hopes to have more news after the CABINET meeting has taken place.

Sunday, 27 January 2008



Vampires suck pus on the D. H. S. S.
That’s his dream as the dirty legged
Man with no trousers on, huddle’s
Into the seat’n’buries his head.
As he goes round’n’round the Circle Line
wearing only a grubby
waist length Sheepskin coat –
no one will sit near him,
his section of the carriage is abandoned.

Vampires suck pus he mutters to Himself –
he’s the embryonic derelict
Waiting to be reborn as himself.
Once he hitch-hiked to Aldwych
’n’ended up in Ipswich.
The story of his life clutters
Round’n’round the Circle Line.

Where does the man with no trousers
Goin’ round’n’round the Circle Line
Go from here – there are no
Trouser shops on the Circle Line.
Perhaps a boy with balloons
May step on’n’he can escape
The Vampires suckin’ pus
‘n’float away.
Thank you STEVE MICALEF (1998) brilliant, one of my favourite survivors from the nineteen nineties old BRIXTON POETS days. We're very lucky indeed to have it 'cos BRIXTON POETS had an extremely rare open mic convention that anyone could read whatever they so chose but NOT the same poem twice. So for gems like this is was not good news but for lots of others it was good bye, amen and thank you very much. (er.. cough cough - it was the "cornerstone of our Brixton Poets Democracy"). KILROY joined the Bricko poets having opted for early retirement after about a decade with GREENWICH COUNCIL in its early 80's established COMMMUNITY AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT.

Getting out and into BRIXTON POETS was like a deep deep breath of fresh air. By then old-LABOUR London-wide were fast losing the bottle for continuing the struggle for fuller more democratic Metropolitan Police accountability. In fact GREENWICH soon after dropped into the STEPHEN LAWRENCE miasma. Didn't remotely surprise KILROY.

At this point in time why choose to waste a gem poem like this on linguistically straight laced up-tight cop out LAMBETH COUNCIL? Good question.

For a start it will take much much more than a boy with balloons to lift LAMBETHs grot CABINET out of the public toilets cess pit of its own making. For KILROY the poem currently conjures up the image of our LAMBETH PUBLIC TOILET COP OUTS travelling round and round on its own in-house CIRCLE LINE with pretty well almost nothing to show. This Monday's CABINET meeting looks set to demonstrate more of the same yet again. The community will be exposed to LAMBETH'S puss-sodden decision to make folk pay to use the POPES ROAD PUBLIC TOILETS. What'll be left of the rest of it will be pedestrian in the extreme. LAMBETH COUNCIL SURE SUCKS PUSS ALRIGHT – and with a vengeance. If this lot tried to hitch hike to ALDWYCH they'd end up not in IPSWICH but somewhere north of Aberdeen.

Friday, 25 January 2008


The recent publicity given by the SOUTH LONDON PRESS (22 January) to hassles between STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH and out-and-out-useless LAMBETH COUNCIL have led to the matter now being referred to SCOTLAND YARD.

A scurrilous allegation by KILROY that an item of door-to-door pre election vote seeking publicity some time during the past 20 years had actually contained a reference to the need for improved public toilet provision is hotly disputed by LIB DEM, OLD LABOUR and NEW LABOUR local political party actvists and organisers. Beneath the Binfield Road paved over area immediately adjacent to Stockwell Tube Station local CONSERVATIVES have remained stoney silent.

Stockwell Libs Dems who were in power in Stockwell for over a decade are absolutely adamant that they never ever highlighted public toilet provision. Indeed they are deeply offended even at the suggestion. And LABOUR scathingly commented "Oh sod off what do you (expletive deleted) take us for".

Anyway, the matter is now in hands of SCOTLAND YARD and is actually being overseen by SIR IAN BLAIR, so well known for the integrity with which he got behind those officers who "did the business" that led to the death of JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES.

It is anticipated that KILROY will either be cleared or charged with telling a wicked lies sometime within the next seventeen years. The IPCC declined to comment.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Clearly frustrated, gutted, fed-up to the back teeth with government policy Labour MP Frank "Dobbo" Dobson has spat out a few choice expletives to release his bottled up angst. Camden New Journal does not indicate whether Dobbo will be hit with an injunction for contributing thus to proceedings in the august HOUSE OF COMMONS and indeed against a Labour Government.

Dobbo has been around for a long time, he knows the Commons and its conventions like the backside of his hands.

Kilroy hopes Dobbo won't get injuncted. Good job he doesn't have to account to useless Lambeth Labour Council.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Tomorrow will see the publication of the SOUTH LONDON PRESS following its Tuesday news feature about this BLOG and LAMBETH COUNCIL's pathetic attempt to silence the criticisms being levelled against it for its absolutely disgraceful neglect in the matter of public toilet provision, not just here in STOCKWELL but in numerous localities in the borough.

It will be very interesting to see what response the S L P will have had to its positive useful request to readers to respond to the public toilets controversy. Will it bring yet more absolute bullshit lying responses from more faceless Council mouthpieces like the one on Tuesday -

"Councillors and officers are always willing to engage in frank and open debate with residents about local issues; that is the cornerstone of democracy".

Yes and so is Kilroys public toilet deprived rear end. The above statement - so far as public toilet provision is concerned - is an absolute lie. This blog is chockka with postings about Lambeth's unwillingness to openly discus the matter. The public toilets news item in the 4 February 2008 edition of Lambeth Life (see earlier post) is the first fully reported item for the best part of 2 years and KILROY was informed by email by L L's editor Ella Cope in September 2006 that public toilet provision was a topic that L L would NOT write about. Since that date L L has steadfastly never reported on it despite being requested over and over to do so by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH (see numerous previous posts).

Astonishingly LAMBETH LIFE had never even picked up on the Greater London Authority March 2006 major review ("AN URGENT NEED") of London wide public toilet non-provision. When toilets were an agenda item at the Clapham and Stockwell Area Committee in September 2006 LAMBETH LIFE put out a "Press Release" that got no publicity and it was never ever picked up on in editions of LAMBETH LIFE distributed to 136,000 homes. So the controversy was kept under wraps. Indeed, in late 2006 the L L editor in her email referred to elsewhere in this post stated that she had never heard of the 6 months old GLA Report and was careful not even to name the report that she was referring to. In its "EXPLORE LAMBETH" pack of the same year none of the borough's public toilets were in any way identified on any of the maps and Councillor Lib Peck who fronted that effort has Council Cabinet responsibility for public toilet provision. She never responded when attempts were made to query this glaring omission.

Only one of the 3 Stockwell Ward Councillors have EVER responded in ANY way to STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH's campaigning - and even then totally failed to mention the problem of toilet provision here in central Stockwell. Hence Councillor (Middlesboro are playing away) BOWYER was awarded the mock STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH award for 2007 (see earlier posts). He is a Board member of Hyde Southbank Homes which has ownership of the STOCKWELL STUDLEY ESTATE, parts of which are being regularly used on a fly-by-night basis as a public toilet, he was contacted about the problem months ago and he has NEVER acknowledged or responded in any shape or form EVEN THOUGH HE IS A HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES BOARD MEMBER!

And so we await tomorrow. Will there be more "CORNERSTONE OF DEMOCRACY COUNCIL CLAPTRAP? It wouldn't have fooled the SOUTH LONDON PRESS whose reporter had copies of the ELLA COPE email saying that LAMBETH LIFE would NOT discus public toilets. That's probably why the SLP called the Council's bluff and opened up the debate.

LAMBETH COUNCIL ARE THE PITS. Its head of LEGAL and DEMOCRATIC SERVICES can't even bring himself to sign threatening letters - but we live in hope that even he'll be pursuaded otherwise.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Lambeth Council top brass are deeply concerned about the inappropriate useage of raw streetwise language hence the allegations that they are levelling against KILROY.

Out of sober brow-beaten respect for their "ALLEGED" injured feelings KILROY will not now be carrying a lengthy planned toilet-chain review of TONY BLAIR's kooky pal ALISTAIR CAMPBELL's recent insider account of gutter life as close as it gets to the to the action in preparation for dealing with Dr David Kelly, Andrew Gilligan and waging an illegal "dodgey dossier" criminal war against IRAK.

The reason for this act of STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH self-censorship is that CAMPBELL'S BOOK ..... The Blair Years by Alastair Campbell Special Reports Guardian ...
Buy The Blair Years at the Guardian bookshop ... is absolutely chocca blokka with eff words and other choice earth-hewn expressions.

"May 1997. Felt a sense of post-natal depression. I've waited so long for this moment that finally becoming prime minister is almost an anti-climax. TB put his head round the door to remind me that he was in charge. "Just put the fucking coffee on," I sighed. Phone call from Princess Diana to tell me how much more she fancies me than TB. "He's such a wimp," she purred, "but you are all man." "Tell me something I don't know, darling," I replied. Fiona looked well pissed off, but who the fuck cares what she thinks? ............There are many people in Campbell’s diaries who make him want to vomit.... Roy Hattersley is “a fat pompous bugger”. Bernard Ingham is “a silly old fucker”. Matthew Parris is “a little shit”. Martin Sixsmith is “a twat”. Simon Jenkins is “a total wanker”. And as for Clare Short, singled out for serial abuse throughout Campbell’s diaries, she is “the most self-indulgent and attention-seeking of all the Shadow Cabinet … God, does she turn my stomach.”

As you can see it just wouldn't be fair to Lambeth Council to fully review this foul mouthed LABOUR tome. After all LAMBETH COUNCIL is about to introduce a pop-up "pissior" system that was introduced but a mere 5 years ago in Westminster - hence "LAMBETH LIFE's" sweet natured front page invitation to its readers to "take a fresh look". Fresh indeed. Hmmmmm .... aaahhhh .... perfume me up scottie.


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Saturday, 19 January 2008


It appeared on KILROY's horizons on Friday (11 January) in the foreground of JACK'S SUPERMARKET on the Binfield Road pavement by Stockwell Station. It's light blue, accessible, with toilet paper and is open 24/7. The entrance opens outwards. An "inward" door opening portaloo would be an extremely tricky "customer". Lambeth Council loves to refer to toileteers as "customers". After 2 negligent decades is this noble loo a LAMBETH COUNCIL jesture to re-provide some kind of toilet facility to the "caught short" community? Enquiries are onging.

Actress COUNCILLOR IMOGEN WALKER was at the nearby STOCKWELL RESOURCE AND COMMUNITY CENTRE on this merry merry morn' and to her immense jolity KILROY mentioned to her the mystery item, counselled her to take a peep (not a PEE a PEEP) not least because the beasty is DANGEROUSLY sited. It is so close to the kerb line which abuts a cycle lane that users (apologies "customers") enter the loo from the cycle lane. And when duly relieved they have to exit from it blindly of course straight back into the cyle lane. There is also the trip-over kerb itself that could additionally send "customers" flying. We won't worry about cyclists getting broadsided - that would be too unsporting.

Anyway wowwee a mystery blue portaloo at STOCKWELL. Is it a Council inspired spot of relief after all these neglectful years? Even tho' it needs re-siting a little KILROY is VERY GLAD to see the portaloo - as he stressed to ACTRESS IMOGEN. Even if it is NOT a Council inpired effort which KILROY would like to bet against the odds in favour of it being, it points up the fact that if it is there for local workmen there's a need for a local public toilet facility.

Oh are you going to Brixton market, Popes Road? Take your readies cos Lambeth Council are about put the free public toilet onto a "business" footing so that "CUSTOMERS" have to shell out. Lambeth is skint!!

Meanwhile no money worries for the Council propaganda rag "LAMBETH LIFE" (see earlier postings) which has now gone fortnightly instead of monthly, still 16 pages every edition, blah blah blah "delivered free to 136,000 homes" ("homes" not "customers") each edition plus other distribution outlets? And the extra costs involved? KILROY has requested Middlesboro Are Playing Away STOCKWELL COUNCILLOR PETE BOWYER for the additional costings details - so far he has not even acknowleged the request.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Kilroy's had a LAMBETH COUNCIL legal department letter. It threatens sanctions 'cos they've got upset about STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH casting aspertions on the Council's transparently NAFF efforts for years-on-end-in-continuum to do SOD ALL to re-provide the public toilets its own ANTI SOCIAL COUNCILLORS shut down and demolished over the past two deacades. These were at STOCKWELL, VAUXHALL, CLAPHAM NORTH and CLAPHAM COMMON to name but a few locations.

LAMBETH's LEGAL "PRINCE LANCELOTT" is claiming to have "Chief Executive" status documentary evidence which even pre-dates KILROY's STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH BLOG. Lancelott said the evidence was "on offer" but when it came to the nitty-gritty it so far has NOT been made available. Maybe he's got "caught short" - let's hope so and its not another LABOUR "OPERATION DODGEY DOSSIER" in the preliminary planning stages.

Apparantly the gripe has to do with this months CABINET (as distinct - at least linguistically - from the Italian GABINETTO) meeting scheduled to "drop its drawers" on the public toilets issue on 28 January.

KILROY reckons it'll be rather a tame lame duck gabinetto affair given how long we've had to wait for the occasion plus forty million miles of mouths-shut-tight circumspection. Councillors and officials are much un-enthused by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH's stand-up "WOMEN ONLY" pre-publicity for "HANDBAGS" for the Boyo's "PISSOIRS" for the "GIRLS" (2008) revue (see earlier posts this month).

Ah poor things - tho' that is NOTHING. NOTHING as compared to no public toilets for 2 decades and having to skulk and scallywag to find relief. Or even far worse not being able to leave the house as many Lambeth elderly or otherwise troubled folk are because public toilets have all been closed and demolished. You couldn't make Lambeth Council up it is uniquely and utterly bowel blocked.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

new look LAMBETH LIFE's space-age "French" mis-connection

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Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Friday, 4 January 2008


Baroness Imogen Walker of Larkhall an actress of middlin' repute (who starred in the downbeat musical "NO TOILETS FOR PEERAGES" which is still running at "BETTER BOOKIES" alleyway is to star in the "WOMEN ONLY" 2008 Brixton review "HANDBAGS" for the BOYO'S "PISSOIRS" for the GIRLS.
This will be Baroness Imogen's on-stage "stand-up" debut.
It is believed that LAMBETH COUNCIL "leader" (so-called) Steve Reed is currently negociating the use of "GRUBBY BACK ALLEY" a pungent Palace of all the Varieties built on the site of the old Empress Theatre Brixton. Those Music Hall and stand-up stars of yesteryear must be turning in their graves. "Stormy weather" eat your heart out Gracie, eh lass???